The DMV Daily had the pleasure of interviewing Shai Snead, a model from the 804 who just recently relocated to DC. Since moving to the DMV, Shai’s modeling career has taken off, from more support from natives to working with more photographers and creatives in the area. Learn more about Shai through our Q & A down below.

Q: What part of the DMV did you grow up in?

Shai: I was born and raised by two phenomenal women who are my grandma and mom in VA.

Q: How long have you been modeling, and what inspired you to begin modeling?

Shai: I’ve been modeling since I was about eight years old. I’ve always loved fashion and being in front of the camera. My bigger inspiration for modeling is how creative and diverse you can be with it. It allows me to express myself and gives me so much confidence! Plus, it just feels like I was created to do it. It’s like 2nd nature for me. I love what I do.

Q: What are some photoshoots or gigs that you are incredibly proud of?

Shai: I’m most proud of a fashion show I did while awhile back when I was signed to a DMV modeling agency. It was my first time doing runway, and it was really fun.

Q: What are some obstacles you ran into modeling, and how did you overcome those obstacles?

Shai: One big obstacle that I ran into and still deal with is my height.. you usually have to be at least 5’6 or 5’7 to qualify for runway modeling as a female, and that really can discourage a lot of shorter girls..the way I overcame this was doing more print and more influencer work for brands because I have a large following on Instagram

Q: What advice or words of encouragement would you give to aspiring models?

Shai: Don’t give up even if you don’t think you fit the criteria of what the modeling industry is looking for..there are so many different types of models, and I feel as though the more diverse you are and confident ..the more you’ll stand out from the rest! Just be you and stay passionate. You can do whatever you set your mind to. Nothing is impossible in this life.

Q: What are your future career goals for modeling?

Shai: My future career goal is to one day be signed to a big agency and get the chance to model for well-known brands. I honestly would kill to see myself in a famous clothing store or a magazine.

Q: What are your other hobbies or business ventures?

Shai: Well, I’m an Instagram influencer, music artist, and creative. I just love the art of all kinds! I have so much I want to contribute to the world when it comes to art.

Check out more of Shai’s work down below. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @ShaiSnead

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