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Three things we don’t know about you?

1.) Music is a spiritual thing for me as I’m deep into metaphysics, astrology, and numerology. I teach individuality in my art. I went to the crossroads and my life went from misfit outcast to a confident entity. From being isolated for most of my childhood due to parental issues and chaos I became an artist.
2.) I was guilty in court on felony eluding and a weed charge at like 18 and at that point religion and none of that was helping me so i was introduced to what my momma calls the devil lmao ? I met a professor Ames in college a rootworker that dabbles in hoodoo and he helped me out probono based on my circumstances by giving me ritual to do at the courthouse and i was not guilty as a result when in reality i did the shit Ijuked a police officer threw my tree and ran but thanks to the unknown my case got delayed until they had to dismiss all charges against me. I’ve been able to provide for my newborn. That’s how i learned how to be lucky on purpose
3.) When I speak on something I mean anything happening in my music 9/10 it happens in my real life afterwards like everytime it’s synchronicity law of attraction whatever it’s really cool but kinda scary

Define you in five words

1.) Me
2.) Confident
3.) Intelligent
4.) Master
5.) Love
Favorite pre studio traditions?
If I’m singin I’m not smoking but I only record or write when I feel the impulse of energy. I write quick cause it feels like something from another world is doing it. It’s like magic. How this interview came together so quickly is how my music flows. I feel and live and as a result music is made.
Pre performance traditions?
I’m calm in a sense to channel the energy of the crowd. Stillness

Top five biggest musical influences?

Michael Jackson
Jimmi Hendrix
Lil Wayne
The Notorius BIG

Define the music industry

We need to make HipHop great again. The other shit is cool but it’s not rythym and poetry aka rap. These druggies got no substance shit I’m alive shit regular people have emotions man. Tell your story stop these companies from telling you how to tell your story as an artist! Art is emotional wealth not something to exploit people
Artists and media personalities you like to work with more?

Any Shout outs?

1.) You my man thanks for showing love. Fuck everybody else

Name ten artists you want to work with

1.) nobody. They probably just want me to write their shit
Spell out each letter in your name with a word

Stef Windsor


Stef Windsor Social Medias

Stef Windsor – Another Day


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