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Give us a background about you

Born Anthony Thomas-James Lampkin, Thomas J. is an American multimedia personality,
event planner and host. He is the executive producer and host of The J.
Agenda podcast. Inspired by music and books at a young age, Thomas J. began honing his
skills as a host at District Heights Elementary School, where he was a television anchor for the
school’s morning announcements. He continued anchoring through middle school, and upon
completion of high school, in 2009, he enrolled at Morgan State University, in Baltimore,
Maryland, where he honed his skills planning and hosting various events for the campus
community. Thomas J. has been featured on BET, and has produced concert experiences with artists such
as Migos, J. Cole and 2 Chainz among others. In 2014, he joined WEAA 88.9 as a weekly host.
He is a graduate of Connecticut School of Broadcasting – Charlotte and a proud alumnus of
Morgan State University. He is a member of the National Association of Black Journalists and
the National Association of Student Affairs Professionals among other affiliations.

Favorite thing about hosting?

Connecting with the audience is my favorite thing about hosting. Whether I’m riding a wave or
creating one, crowd engagement is a top priority for me. I like people to leave an event, high off
the energy that we’ve created.
Three unique reasons why you stand out?
I’m always me, for better or for worse.
Everything I got, I earned and everything I’m going to get, I deserve.
I don’t go to places to look important and be fake, there’s a real purpose when I’m

Describe yourself in five words?

Five words aren’t necessary… ineffable.

Pre-hosting traditions? Post?

Before hosting an event, I have to listen to “Headlines,” by Drake. After, I like to enjoy a bomb
ass meal from the host city’s local favorites.

Artists and media personalities you wish to collaborate with?


Mariah Carey
NeNe Leakes

5 biggest influences?

Angie Ange
Terrence J
Wendy Williams
Elliott Wilson
Ryan Seacrest

Any S/Os?

I have to first shout out God. My family, Mom, I love you, thank you. Dad, I love you, thank
you. Grateful for the foundation y’all set for my sisters and I. My sister, Michaela… I couldn’t
have done this North Carolina move without you, I love you! You’re annoying, lol… for real; but
I’m forever grateful for you, if I said you were the best sister ever, it would start problems, so I’ll
say you 1/3 the best sister ever! Taylor, I’m so happy to see where you are in your life and I
can’t wait to see you accomplish even more. Aleysha, I’m so proud of you. Senior year, big
things are ahead for you. Proud to be y’all big brother. My friends… man – I’m glad this is being
published because I can finally say this where everybody who is my friend can reference it – I’m
blessed to have y’all in my life. I know it’s not easy being a friend of mine, because people are
people and they don’t understand why we click. Despite whatever is said, y’all choose to ride
with me and respect the loyalty I’ve shown, and reciprocate that back to me; when I’m around,
but more importantly… when I’m not. Y’all see me, know me and love me. I fuck with y’all,
forever, for that. I could ask for better friends, but you can’t have what doesn’t exist. Gabriel,
forever and always dawg. My best friends Christian, Kwame and Jasmine L., we don’t speak
nearly as much as we should, but every time I link with either of y’all… the vibes are always
there. Natasha, Kierra, Nick, Chante, Calvin, Brandon y’all know some shit. Too much, actually,
lol. We friends forever because of that, alone. Lol. Big Fred, DaQuan, Judah, Krenae, Meahsha,
Javonte, Andrea, Tevin, Jamir, Kyree, Ariana, Ayrel, J.G., Gravney, Kyra, Schemika, Rodra,
Jasmine G., LB, Sunshine, Bianca, Gianni and Jarred (R.I.P.) Morgan was fun and I met a lot of
people, however each of y’all came into my life and formed a genuine bond with me. No matter
what, I’m always gonna have love for y’all. Ms. Helennnnnnnnnnnnnnn! Enough said, lol.
Bladensburg High School, Mrs. Pittman, Mr. Allen, Fuji, The whole Morgan State University, my
Charlotte fam, Jessica and Aria. My students, my former students, my teachers, mentors,
supporters, listeners, and if I happen to have any fans, shout out to y’all, as well.

Spell out your name with words the describe you.

T Thunderous
H Honorable
O Official
M Meticulous
A Ambitious
S Straightforward
J Jukebox

Twitter/IG: @ThomasJ_

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  1. Love it!!! Awesome interview. I am so proud of you and i cant wait to see how far you go with your career. You are desti ed for geeatness.
    Love you T.J.

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