Meet Donte “Tru” Yerby, an urban philosopher/advisor/liaison committed to community development, personal and business development, and creating generational wealth. We had the opportunity to speak to the West Baltimore native, as he spoke with The DMV Daily about his company TruRelations, a marketing & consulting firm that specializes in idea development & sales leads. Abiding by their motto “Connecting Our Culture To Opportunity“. Read more about Donte and his company down below.
Q: Tell people who you are?
Tru: I am a mogul, a visionary, a pioneer, an advisor. I am passionate about my mission to bring together the youth, entrepreneurs, and undervalued businesses for the overall growth of the community.
Q: Who are some people you have worked with and currently working with?
Tru: The Treehouseproject, Anne E Casie Foundation, Mawseafood , Architechs of Justice, No boundaries coalition.
Q: When did you know this was the career for you?  
Tru: 21-22 years old
Q: What prepared you to choose this career? 
Tru: Trials and tribulations that I faced. My overall experience growing up. My conditions and the condition of my community.
Q: What are some of the ups and downs you face in a back-and-forth industry?  
Tru: Not being easily influenced by the downs..staying consistent. Keeping my composure through the winning seasons.. take the good hood with the bad. I guess just understanding everything serves its purpose. The negatives balance out the positives.
Q: How do you prepare for clients?
Tru: One word … Organizing.
Q: What are some tips to have a successful brand? 

Tru: 1) Understanding a brand isn’t the word it’s a feeling the consumer gets when they hear the word. 2) Understanding consistency is neighbors with perfection. 3) Never be content. There’s always the next level. 4)Stay a student, never stop learning new things

Q: What are some things supporters can expect in 2021?
Tru: Trüth Alkaline water, The EnTRAPreneur book and The consortium (business alliance )
Q: Why do you choose the people that you work with?
Tru: They have the same ambition, drive, and mission as I do. All the things we are working on align. We water each other.
Q: What is your creative process like?
Tru: Art imitates life. I pay attention to my peers, my culture, past, and present.  They inspire me. I analyze current events and past events. I study world problems and I create solutions.
Q: What is the best advice you’ve been given?
Tru: Stay Trú to your divine self.
Q: If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?
Tru: Embrace underground/ local more. That’s where it starts. Build a bridge where the disconnect is.
Q: What’s next for you?
Tru: Just continuing to build the brand .. get into the entertainment business. Market me more.
Be sure to follow Donte on social media @_1tru and follow TruRelations on Twitter @_TruRelations and on Instagram @TruRelations

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