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LivengoodLivin Runs Questions By TWalk!


J- Five things about yourself people don’t know? 
T- 1. My favorite drink is cucumber water.
2. I binge watch Oprah’s SuperSoul Sunday’s LOL
3. I almost dropped out of college during my freshman year to pursue a career in fashion (happy I didn’t).
4. I’m a bonafide morning person.  If my day starts after 11a, I feel like I’ve wasted a day.
5. I make it a point to do things that I fear because I hate the feeling of being fearful.
J- Describe your daily routine 
T- I wake up, take care of the basic necessities, make a warm cup of lemon water, and a green smoothie.  After that I workout either alone or with my cousin. Then, I make oatmeal with berries and bananas…my favorite post-workout breakfast.  I make a to-do list to complete for everyday, so the rest of my day is normally dedicated to completing the list.
J- Describe yourself with a quote 
T- “She doesn’t belong to anything.  She’s off in her own world.”  -Childish Gambino
J- Define fashion and style
T- “Fashion – what society tells you to wear.
Style – how you choose to wear it” – TWalk, TheDMVDaily 2018
J- What’s the difference between the two? 
T- Fashion is general, style is personal.
J- What made you fall in love with fashion? 
T- Its hard to say!  I honestly think I just loved the glamour of it all.  There isn’t a distinct moment where I can say I fell in love with fashion itself.  Its just one of those things I’ve always had an appreciation for.
TWalk Fashion
J- Which decade had the best style and why? 
T- My very unpopular opinion (LivengoodLivin ain’t judging you sis) the 40s LOL.
“I love elegance…like effortless elegance.  I love fashion that reminds me of the elite or a certain status. I think that’s why I favor designers like Dior or Valentino…they’ve stuck with that sort of classy element that I love over the years.  In very close second, though, I’d have to say the 70s!”
J- Goals for you in the fashion industry? 
T- So many, so so many.  From getting my own brand, WALK, established as a household name *fingers crossed* to becoming the creative director of women’s wear for a high-end fashion house.  Most importantly, I just want to be fulfilled.
J- Who are your top five fashion icons? 
T- In no order:
Fran Fine (Drescher)
Audrey Hepburn
Tracee Ellis Ross, some people may not consider her an icon, but I do!
J- What events have you done? 
T- Unfortunately, my brand is still pretty new so I haven’t done many.  But some of my favorites were New York Fashion Week, Fashion Rocks, and WALK’s debut on Let’s Talk Live DC.
Looks by Miss Walk
J- When your designing or coming up with concepts for a certain look, what music do you listen to? 
T- I like mellow music.  Boom Clap Bachelors, Solange, or Erykah Badu will normally do the trick.
J- What music artists would you love to style? 
T- Pharrell, Rihanna, Jorja Smith, Solange.
J- What other celebrities would you like to style? 
T- Zendaya, Blake Lively, Bella Hadid.
J- Who are the kings and queens of fashion in today’s world in your opinion? 
T- In today’s world, I have to say Aleali May is queen.  Streetwear is at the forefront, she has that down. As for King, I foresee maybe Virgil Abloh. I haven’t quite been able to catch on to his vision yet…but I’m sure there’s a reason why everyone is wanting to work/collaborate with him.  I respect what he’s doing.
J- What needs to be improved in the industry? 
T- Open-mindedness.  I kind of don’t care for the whole fashion police attitude people have now.  Having an opinion is one thing, but people tend to give off this vibe now that’s very condescending.  I, too, enjoy a subtle flex…but I never forget that ultimately its just clothes.  There’s really no rules, it shouldn’t be so heavy in my opinion.
J- Tips for fashion entrepreneurs? 
T-For entrepreneurs period, before you do anything, get your mind right!
J-Where can we find you on social media and online? Website? 
T- You can mainly find me on Instagram @tee.walk or Twitter @_teewalk.  You can also visit the website at WALK Co.
J- Any shout outs? 
T- Not any specific person in particular.  I just want to give a special thank you to those that have supported in any way!
J- Spell out your name with a word EX. My name John Just On Honoring Negotiations 
T- (T)ycoon
I don’t know if I did that right lol! But If you work your way backwards from K-to-T, those are things I want to conquer in that order.

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