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Three things we don’t know about you?

 lol, the 1st thing would probably be that my father is Filipino, my grandfather (his father) is full blown Filipino. speaks no English type of shit, he bame down from Southeast Asia during the 60’s and never looked back I guess.

 The 2nd thing would have to be that I was born into a Pescatarian family, because of my father side which my mother and grandmother kept me on even though they weren’t Pescatarian themselves. I didn’t start eating meat on some consistent shit until around my 11th/12th birthday. I started eating that shit and never looked back myself! lol

 The 3rd thing is that my cousin (by blood) is Michael from the television show “Good Times”. his mother and my grandmother are 1st cousins which has always been brazy to me but I never really gave a fuck because he stopped boming to family events and boming around us when I was a kid so it isn’t like I could ever appreciate him on that type of level. it’s bool as fuck! lmao, but I just don’t give a fuck that much.

Define you in five words

 charismatic, motivated, dedicated, spontaneous & innovative.

Favorite pre- studio traditions?

 I like to listen to Maroon 5, Sam Smith or Ed Sheeran. lmfao, smoke, talk about shit that’ll be boming my way in the near future such as being able to donate shit to charities, feed the homeless, throw events for the youth that is inside of Bowie as well as what I’ll be able to do for my family. nothing I’m doing is for me, that’s 1st and foremost, it’s all for my family and my loved ones. then I pray to God, Cadence & Cameron, tell them I love them and go handle business.

Top five biggest musical influences?

 YG, Nippsey Hussle, Mac Miller, Asher Roth & DMX

 Define the music industry

 a place where if you’re hungry enough you will eat in vast amounts, but if you’re thirsty enough you’ll be exposed to shit that’ll result in you selling yourself. an industry where it isn’t about talent or your gifts, that’s the small part. your look, mindset, brand, marketability and who you know is what will get you to where you wish to be quicker. an industry where depression can pick up if you don’t balance out your demons by keeping your angel’s close to you. an industry where respect is given, friendships and relationships become business proposals and where all your propositions has to appeal to you, your fans and even your opposition. nonetheless, an amazing industry to be apart of and if you remain you while facing the temptation to lose yourself, you’ll suffice, stay afloat and enjoy all of the benefits that arrives with your endeavors.

Artists and media personalities you like to work with more?

Bali, she fire as fuck. my lord, Saweetie is fire too, I fucks with the females slime. they’ve been captivating me as of late, on God. uh.. personalities would have to be Lyrical Lemonade, Fader, Elevator, Noisey Raps & I’d say Mass Appeal.

Any Shout outs?

 grand skeem, trap skeem & their skeem or die family, especially trap skeem for even giving me some of the opportunities that he’s given me. Char for being an amazing friend in my life and making me see things clearer now that I’m living out here in Balifornia. my engineer/producer Supa Sparkheem and lastly, Bowie, Maryland! my hometown! my city is deserving of an award, I ain’t stopping until we have 3. all from me,

Name ten artists you want to work with

Big Flock, Saweetie, Young Nudy, Meech Darko (Flatbush Zombies), Vince Staples, YG, Nippsey Hussle, Two-9 (the group as a whole or just Curtis Williams) & Jaden Smith

Spell out each letter in your name with a word

      Z) Zippy
A) Ageless
C) Compassionate
H) High-spirited
K) Knowledgeable
A) Appealing
R) Remarkable
Y) Yearning

Social Media

IG – zachk400
Twitter – @ZACHK400

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  1. I Really have grown to be fond of dude. Humble as ever and you don’t see that a lot especially from those of “social status”.

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