The DMV Daily Model of the Month: Bombé

For the month of January, we have selected Bria also known as Bombè as our Model of the Month.


Q: What is your name?

Bombè: Bria “Bombè” Brown

Q: What part of the DMV are you from?

Bombè: SE/NE DC

Q: How long have you been modeling for?

Bombè: Since November 2017

Q: What inspired you to start modeling?

Bombè: I was introduced into modeling by my former manager. She persuaded me to start & i enjoyed it so I stuck to it. It was never a dream of mine.

Q: Name a few modeling opportunities you were involved in. 

Bombè: Videoshoots for upcoming artist, Runway Fashion Shows, Host Events, & Collaborating with clothing brands 

Q: Name a few challenges you have faced since you have started modeling and how did you overcame that challenge?

Bombè: None thus far. Everything is a learning experience though. 

Q: Talk about you most recent modeling experience.

Bombè: I’ve just been doing personal shoots lately. I took a mini break from modeling to invest and concentrate on my new business She the Bomb Extensions which will be dropping February 2020.

Q: Word of encouragement for aspiring models?

Bombè: Be confident, be unique & be YOU! Don’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable & study other models/photographers to find your niche.

Q: What are your goals for the future and as far for your modeling career?

Bombè: My ultimate goal is to have a beauty bar & a beauty bar on wheels that host all of my businesses. 

Q: Aside from modeling, are you involved in any other type of activities or businesses?

Bombè: Besides modeling, I love to do nails, bartend, cook (sometimes) & dance. 

Q: Name models you look up to?

Bombè: I do not look up to anybody. But I love Rihanna, Teyanna Taylor & Draya. 

Q: Do you support any other models or photographers in the DMV?

Bombè: Yes.

You can see more pictures of Bria (Bombè) on Instagram @she.thebomb


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