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Hive Mind


GENIUSonly word to describe world renowned pop funk band The Internet.  Coming off one of the most cryptically acclaimed albums of the past decade Ego Death, the hype and expectations for Hive Mind were extremely high.  This album is like if Jamiroquai, N*E*R*D, Prince, and Aaliyah all had a love child. This album is definitely in the running for album of the year. Smooth vocals, stellar acoustic  instruments playing, great song writing, and a 70s/90s vibe makes this album the most diverse album I’ve heard all year.

Imagine yourself in a outdoor music festival, with your friends getting intoxicated, surrounded by aesthetically pleasing people,  beautiful weather, and no violence; the exact vibe I get from listening to this album.

To put this as simply as possible, this album an act of collective artistic conviction. It articulates  the Internet sound with smooth blues,  soft arrangements, and naturalistic grooves. The beats are refined and have the capacity to bleed into each other. The egalitarian spirit and anti-hierarchical approach to song-making makes this release some of the best music of their career. My personal favorites are La Di Da, Bravo, Mood, and Come Over. This is one of the rare albums that will get a perfect score from me!

Final Verdict 10/10 classic 

The Internet – La Di Da Offical Video


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