Story Of The Week: The Hope to Help Scholarship Award

DMV Daily Story Of The Week: The Hope to Help Scholarship Award

Toni Thenstead (Scholarship Winner) & Aisha Barnes (Founder of The Hope To Help Project)

The Hope to Help Project gave out a $500 award to a college student in pursuit of higher education. The scholarship is aimed towards students of color and a fierce desire to enact change in their communities. The applicants wrote an essay about why obtaining a college degree was important to them. The organization recognizes that education is fundamental to personal development, growth and the advancement for our people. Their goal is to help alleviate the burden of paying for higher education in at least one student’s life.

The Hope to Help Scholarship Award went to Ms. Toni Thenstead. Toni is pursuing a career in respiratory therapy at the University of Kansas Medical Center. She plans on opening her own chain of medium-sized clinics in multiple cities for those seeking affordable medical treatment. The panel of judges were impressed by Toni’s application and truly identified with her keen sense of awareness to societal issues and fervent desire to change them.


About the Founder

Meet Aisha Barnes, a 20-year-old Criminal Justice major attending Bowie State University. Although she is “just” a student, she wears many hats in her personal and professional life. Aisha is a student, English tutor, mentor, and a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated. She created this initiative to address paramount issues within the community while seeking to foster meaningful service in action. She has created service missions for volunteers to see first hand the difference they can make in the lives of others.

 Strongly moved by the belief that the good one secures for themselves is useless, Aisha believes we can secure the same fate for others. As a passionate advocate for education, mental health in the African American community, she has a meaningful vision for The Hope to Help Project.  For the purpose of enduring hope, rather than topical solutions for issues that plague our world and our people.


About The Hope to Help Project

  • A community service initiative with a mission to inspire hope in communities one person at a time.
  • Has a volunteer team of high school and college students with a tenacious desire to better the lives of others around them.
  • Work to create, fund, and successfully execute an array of diverse service projects that will make a positive impact on our communities.
  • Based in Waldorf, MD but they conduct most of their work in Washington, DC, Bowie, MD, and surrounding areas.

Their past missions have included:

  • Haircuts for the Homeless (The org purchase and packed 180 care packages to distribute to the homeless)
  • A Black Girls Therapy session (Focused on mental health in the African American community)
  • The Hope to Help Scholarship Fund ( A $500 scholarship open current high school senior or college students in pursuit of higher education)

You learn more about The Hope To Help Project by checking out their website and social media platforms.


Instagram: @thehopetohelpproject

Twitter @TheHope2Help

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