The DMV Daily & Worldwide Entertainment Journalist Gabrielle Smith to launch Mental Health Campaign For Black Mental Health Awareness Month

The DMV Daily is partnering up with Worldwide Entertainment Journalist & Global Mental Health Leader Gabrielle Alexandra Smith to start a mental health discussion series for July’s Black Mental Health Awareness Month. The Mental Health campaign will be a discussion series that dives extremely deep into mental health in all communities and cultures. We will converse about mental health in music,  the justice system, and more. The black culture and other cultures will be discussed first in the realms of the family, workforce, business sectors, and more. There will be licensed therapists, psychologists, and more to join the discussion from all walks of life.

Smith’s contribution to the mental health world is beyond the Nation’s Capitol, reaching other parts of the world. She will combine her empirical observations and experiences to the topics during the campaign, she said, “Mental Health is an issue in black families mostly because no one wants to talk. They want to pretend everything is fine with people from the outside looking in. This is not healthy. This starts generational curses. Black families with issues try to help others and it leads to the question of, how are you going to help if you cannot get over your issues? The minds of black families trouble me. It does not make sense. They try to use their “adult views” to fix the situation and they themselves are “secretly” struggling. This is an oxymoron on many levels. 

 “Smith has brought amazing things and ideas to the company. From the moment we were introduced to her, we knew there was room for partnership. She is very brilliant and has massive creative ideas. Our viewership and readership had gone up because of her discussions on mental health. I am not sure of a publication that expresses the brutal honesty of a mental health experience. Smith has a fearless approach, especially when it comes to mental health. said Abu Sillah, CEO of The DMV Daily


Through the interviews, our readers and viewers of the Nation’s Capitol, Maryland, and Virginia have received a different type of knowledge. Our comments have gone up massively. We know Smith adds a lot of hats already and we want to become one of the hats.”

In addition to the discussion series, The DMV Daily will be also launching a 30-Day Mental Health Challenge via social media promoting mental health awareness. Proceeds from these sales will be donated to Lauryn’s Law, a non-profit organization that advocates and provides support to youth suffering from Mental Illness.

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