The DMV Entrepreneur of the Month: Jacob Webster

For the month of February we have selected Jacob Webster, the CEO of JPW Photography, as our Entrepreneur of the Month.

Q: What is your name and tell me about yourself?

Jacob: My name is Jacob Webster and I am a celebrity photographer/full-time entrepreneur. I am also a full-time content creator specializing in the conceptualization and fulfillment of beauty and fashion-centric photography. As a self-taught creative with over six years of experience, I run a service-oriented business priding myself on tailoring the experience to the needs of my clientele. When I’m not creating content, I am a full-time student at Towson University and love to travel internationally at least once a month.

Q: Where are you from?

Jacob: Silver Spring, MD

Q: What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

Jacob: I wasn’t inspired to become an entrepreneur from anything directly, but after trying to balance a part-time job and my photography, I realized I didn’t have time for both in my schedule. I chose photography because I enjoyed the creative freedom I got while planning shoots and interacting with clients. With working part-time at my previous job, I felt that I was being limited in my potential to grow at a faster rate.

Q: What exactly do you do for a living?

Jacob: I am full-time photographer, entrepreneur, creative director, and master retoucher.

Q: Have you ever collaborated with any artists and business here in the DMV? If so, please share.

Jacob: I have collaborated with the following people in these fields (below are their Instagram handles):

Makeup: @thegoldnnug

Hair: @kiradiorhair & @Mkhairdesignz_

Designer: @Hoodlvm

Q: What are some of your lifetime goals?

Jacob: My lifetime goals include, buying homes for my parents, moving to LA, and to shoot for Vogue Magazine.

Q: What do you have planned next?

Jacob: I plan on attending as many awards shows as possible to photograph celebrities more. I also have my grad campaign coming up again this spring where I will be photographing students in the area who will be graduating. Lastly, I plan on traveling to at least three countries in the next six months and continuing to create great content.

Q: How well do you take criticism?

Jacob: When I was younger, I did not take criticism well but as I got older, I saw how beneficial feedback is and how it has helped me grow professionally and personally.

Q: What is your motivation or inspiration behind you becoming an entrepreneur?

Jacob: Wanting to create multiple streams of income for myself and being financially free

Q: Talk about your most recent event opportunity or experience.

Jacob: I got to shoot multiple events at Grammy Weekend (Clive Davis’ and the Recording Academy’s Pre-GRAMMY Gala and Meek Mill’s Grammy Party). That experience motivated me to continue to push myself so that I can continue to place myself in those environments full of leaders and millionaires.

Q: Do you support any other up and coming businesses and host your area? If so, who are they.

Jacob: The makeup, hair, and design people I listed above are all people I support and who also support me in my work as well as @jayabbolden and @jaylingraphics

Q: Where do you see yourself in within the next couple years?

Jacob: In the next couple of years, I envision myself shooting major campaigns and commercials around the country and world.

You can view more of Jacob’s work down below.

You would like to stay update with Jacob and view more concepts on instagram @trvangles & @jpwphoto. For bookings and quotes please visit his website

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