↓ Lets Meet Esther’s Ethos Foundation and Learn About What They Do ↓

Esther’s Ethos Foundation mission is to close the Hustler Gap between Atlanta and the DMV. They have the competitive advantage of having access to 6 figures jobs that we can do from our couch. Having one source of income is too close to none, especially if you’re young professional who have the capabilities to invest. If you are an entrepreneur or young professional you need to be in the room. If you don’t understand this event is a Tax Write off,  you need to be in the room. The easiest way to close the Wealth Gap between you and the 1% is to start a business and build your network.

Your network is your net worth!

Let’s talk about your businesses and what you do, How would you describe your typical day working full time and the 3 businesses you possess?

HARD! No seriously working full time and being an entrepreneur is not easy, nor should you expect it to be. You’re never gonna get to the next level, next tax bracket by taking the easy route. There are a lot of way I coach people to automate their businesses but nothing will work unless you do.

Dope, so what made you want to be an entrepreneur?

To be honest it took me a very long time to decide what wanted to be when I grew up. I was never exposed to successful entrepreneurship so I didn’t really understand my assignment until I was exposed.

I do think a common misconception about entrepreneurship and being a young professional is that you have to choose. If your making six figures from your 9-5 and decide you want to start a business, your business needs tp be making 250,000+ a year before you’re not getting in the way of your own business by paying yourself a fair wage.

Now, I can go into several reason why you should indeed pay yourself but that’s a another call all together lol.

Nice, now that you’ve started your foundation – what do you see your company in the next 5 years?

I operate in a exponential growth mind set, in five years I will have several businesses and employees running those businesses. I plan to be able to focus on helping people and closing the wealth gap for regular people who are willing to listen and execute.

Random Question: Would you rather have 500K or go to a brunch / networking event with Beyoncé?

Listen, you can buy into a lot of mentorships and pick a lot of millionaires brains for 50k… so, love you Beyoncé but I’ll take the money.

We noticed that you have your own event space, tell them people more about that business venture?

The Event space game was a risky business to get into during a pandemic. Honestly its doing well we do our official grand opening on the 31st of October. I’ve decided to give it back you have pay for your DC brunch but the 6 figure business advice comes free.

What will the Young Professionals Business Brunch Entail?

Listen the Category is DC luxury. You’ll get an intimate space with a Gourmet Chef cooking in front of you, with Bottomless mimosas, and live DJ. Before it gets too DC I’m gonna be dropping gems on Turo, Business Automation, and LLC Creation to qualify for business funding. Along side the fact that Business Besties will be there. You never know who you’re talking too at these events. your first million dollars might be in the room.

Nice, so What are some the best advices you’ve been given over the course of your journey?

Stay the course, and run the play. You’re gonna learn some lessons and lose money. Its business it how it works. The difference between businesses that fail and business that survive is their network and tenacity, get in the room learn some trade secrets and build your network. Its the small events like this where you find your tribe.

What’s next for you?

I’m doing private coaching, where I’ll tell you the aspects of business that people don’t share. And Virtual addresses and Assistants for business Automation on the way.