The importance of information and knowledge concerning COVID-19 and immune health.

As we begin to exit the month of August with the phenomenal global pandemic of COVID-19 still sending everyone in a great scare, this allowed me to provide statistics about the virus. Unfortunately, as a country, we have given a significant amount of ignorance due to the constant fearmonger that has been displayed in the media as of recent. In regards to immunity, I would assume that everyone is aware that if your immune system is at a weak state, you will be more susceptible to catching viruses of any sort. But if not, prepare to be reeducated. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as of August 18th, there were 5,422,242 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 169,870 confirmed fatalities. Before I bring in percentages, it is vital to know that the United States’ live population consists of 331,270,593 living beings, according to You can see the vast gap between the statistics alone. Not to mention that with the U.S. having 331,270,593 living people along with over 5 million cases of COVID-19. Only leaving a shallow rate of 1.6 percent of the U.S. population having confirmed cases of COVID-19.

This leaves a fatality rate of 3.1 percent. For immunity, I may bring up the topic of wearing a mask. As for an immediate health reason, yes, a mask may do its justice for covering your mouth and nose. The most significant and most prominent passages for oxygen to enter the body. It is also a health risk to wearing a mask all day every day as for the mouth and nose are the only passages to release carbon dioxide, a waste gas produced by the cells of the body. Consuming this gas is very harmful to your body. Over time who knows what effect this can have on the human body. These aren’t the only passages as for you also have your eyes, ears, and lastly, your skin all consume oxygen, and with COVID-19 being contracted by droplet would make it more prone for citizens to catch it.

Finally, to mention that the CD8+ T-cells that are in every human being are specialized white blood cells that are trained to fight viruses in the body. As human beings, we were meant to be amongst others for our bodies to serve their purpose and develop immunity to viruses as such. We are giving our bodies a chance to put up a fight. As for being away from one another can affect our immune system indirectly. As a result of us being on quarantine for who God knows how long, cases were already bound to spike due to a weakened immune system by staying inside and social distancing. Now, as for some, yes, they may be ignorant of the absolute ruling. But what about others that are aware of the plan that’s being pushed? Instead of asking why we continue to look at them as the same oppositions that don’t want to follow protocol. Maybe if we took the time to educate ourselves as to our current circumstance, we could learn that there may be an underlying event in the works due to this.

Do your part and educate yourself.

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