Millennial trap


Growing up, the main things stressed to me as a kid was “go to school, get a government job, and save my 410k until I retire.” Sounds reasonable and safe but what happened to progress as humanity? Nowadays we experience so may government shut downs over issues that don’t have much effect on society that a federal job isn’t the safest option.

Go to school? I’m in graduate school myself but most schools today offer you loans that you can’t pay back and it sets you up for a long term down slide in life. The purpose of college was to improve our intellect and opportunities to make a decent living.  However,  the way loans are set up, it looks like a life binding contract with Sallie Mae to fund their pockets and break ours.

Some people even spend their saving to pay their bills due to the lack of proper payment and the word “retirement” really doesn’t exist anymore. This is just the educational and financial aspects of life that has taken a down swing.  The concept of originality, creativity, and objective sensitivity has taken a down swing.

A lot of content curated on media outlets today seem to be repeated ad for a valid reason. “We have to get like and followers on our classic media platforms to grow our business,” the common thought running through CEOs and business people around the world who are adapting to a more technological advanced social media age.


This mindset has created redundant posts, recycled concepts for liberal art projects, and a stigma labeling creatives as “just doing this for the money.” The mindset has also turned the music, art, event planning, film, televisions, and the other liberal art/entertainment industries into more robotic money driven pyramid schemes instead of truly appreciating the creatives for the gifts they share with the world. Now this next topic in the millennial trap I will elaborate on is powerful “objective sensitivity.”

With the great rise of many social movements such as black lives matter, LGBTQIA, MeToo, and more, the sensitivity level has also risen in society. This is a blessing and a curse. The blessing is that we are finally taking the mental health and the lifestyles of people more seriously. The curse is that we, as a overall society are so selective to who we hold accountable for evil actions and insensitivity. Also, it has came to a point that oversensitive people has contaminated careers of comedians, writers, and other creatives by taking their works and blowing the meaning up disgustingly due to a misunderstanding.

While the new era has made progress in many ways, some things need to go back to the way they are. Having conversations with each other to eliminate over sensitivity, actual courses and programs that set you up for financial success. We also need healthy conversation between each generation more and less of scolding each other due to time era differences. We need less fabrication of happiness and more genuine vibes of pure grandeur.

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