The NBA with a Mid-season Tournament?

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The NBA has a viewership problem and needs a solution.

So Adam Silver has this idea to bring a mid-season tournament into the NBA and I think this is a brilliant idea. With a mid-season tournament, you’ll add more meaningful games to a long NBA season, raise ratings, fan attendance for the lower tier teams, and give players more incentives to win if your team is a bottom dweller.

This idea strings from European soccer where teams play in a league (example: English Premier, La Liga) and also participate in one and done tournaments (FA Cup in England) throughout the season. Also, England takes the winner of the English Premier League and the winner of the FA Cup to play for the Community Shield. I know this may sound foreign but stick with me here.

So this is a potential NBA solution. Below is a link to a single elimination NBA bracket based on the 2018-19 standings.

The top 2 seeds get a bye and the rest is single elimination. You’d play 77 regular season games and the rest of your schedule will consist of this tournament called the “NBA Cup”. This also tell owners and players, the more you win, the more money you’ll receive. If you keep advancing, more tickets will be sold and more money will be in everyone’s pockets. Each round will commence once a month; starting in October with the NBA Cup Finals in February (preferably before the All Star break). The games will be played on the weekend throughout the day on a variety of channels, similar to the first weekend of March Madness.

There are a lot of other details that need to be ironed out, but this will add consequential games to the regular season and gives every team a chance to win something.

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