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The R&B girls are coming! Chloe Bailey solo debut, Aaliyah self-titled album, and Ari Lennox new song “pressure”



The R&B-girls are coming with full pressure this Friday, with one artist releasing a new single, another artist making her solo debut, and another anticipated album coming to digital streaming platforms.

After weeks of sound bytes, teasers, and previews from singer Chloe Bailey; the singer is set to release her highly anticipated solo project this Friday. This is her first solo track outside the sister group, “Chloe x Halle” entitled “Have Mercy”. Rumors began to speculate in early June that Chloe might be going solo since she used a lot of her time in the pandemic focusing on her craft; music while her sister Halle was away filming a movie. Chloe posted herself in the studio creating beats or working with producers, allowing fans to gather their own conclusion to speculate a solo album coming soon. Around Chloe’s 23rd birthday, she posted a TikTok with a snippet of her new song, confirming to millions of viewers she has new music coming soon. An official release date was set for September 10th and since then, there have been previews of the chorus on TikTok, promo photos, and much more, keeping the anticipation high for the young star’s solo debut. The singer has also announced she is performing her single at the upcoming 2021 VMAs. Aside from fans’ speculation, she also tweeted a photo of what seems to be an image from her video for the song. One photo of her wearing a headpiece in an all-black dress and the other with her wearing all pink, blonde faux locs and dancers surrounding her coordinating the outfit. The drop is expected to happen at midnight, with a visual video.



Ari Lennox is coming back into the music scene with her new single “Pressure” Earlier this week, Ari shared a small 11-second preview of her new video showcasing a 70s glamour theme emulating the styles of Donna summers mixed with fashions and feathers like Diana Ross. It isn’t confirmed who wrote or produced this new track, but Ari posted to Twitter a photo of her in the studio with Brian Micheal Cox, Jermaine Dupri, and Johntá Austin prior to a new single announcement. These heavyweight  R&B producers have been a part of many great albums such as The Emancipation of Mimi by Mariah Carey and Usher Confessions

The clip was seen over 22,000 times and counting. Pressure is set to release at midnight on September 10th.




Aaliyah and many other artists who were signed to the Blackground records label are slowly having their albums released on musical Streaming platforms On the rebranded “Blackground 2.0” Label, Aaliyah’s album “one in a million” was released on streaming and has been charting the R&b categories since. On September 10th, Aaliyah’s self-titled album makes its musical return as it’s set to be released by midnight. The late singers’ 3rd and final album “Aaliyah” will be available including hits like we need a resolution, try again, I care For you, and rock the boat. Blackground records 2.0 has also brought back the iconic animated character Aaliyah created of herself that was in her “more than a woman” video and original commercials for the 2001 release of the album.