The REAL ID Act: What It Means, State by State Requirements, & Everything Else You Need To Know

Starting October 2020, if your license is not updated to Real ID, your license and state identification will be invalid and you will not be able to do things like board domestic and international flights or enter federal facilities. Concerned? Here’s everything you need to know about Real ID updates, nationwide.
What is Real ID?
Real ID is simply a form of identification mandated by US jurisdictions and the federal government to improve the accuracy and legitimacy of identification. The Real ID Act was passed in 2005 after the attacks of 9/11. It has been implemented in phases but will affect the general population, completely, in late 2020.
What do you need to update your ID?
Documents and how to update vary state to state. In Maryland, you will need the “Core Four” documents. Further information provided here:
In Virginia, you will need to apply for your Real ID. You can find the application here:
In DC, due to phase enforcement, DC IDs and licenses may already be updated to Real ID. Check with your local DMV. More information can be found here:
Still have questions? Contact your local DMV/ MVA to find out more information on how to update your identification.

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