The Sit Down With Mark Spratley Aka SpratFool

Forward it to today, I’m still Sprat. Many might know me as “SpratFool”.

Creating this empire. popping off artists, throwing major events, mansion parties, working with some of your favorite brands and companies. It’s a crazy to be talking business with people I grew up on watching or hearing about.


Meet Spratfool, celebrity publicist and future media legend

LivengoodLivin Learns Wisdom From SpratFool

Meet Spratfool, celebrity publicist and future media legend
Give us a background about you Sprat. Who is Sprat? 
Many still might not even understand what “Sprat” is but my last name is Spratley. Always been called Sprat probably since back in the 3rd grade. Originally from Flanders, New Jersey, moved to Long Valley at a young age. Crazy kid growing up lol. I was into sports my entire life heavily. Went to East Carolina University for a bit, left to do this music full time and it’s been a blessing ever since. Of course I’m leaving out a whole lot in between haha.
Forward it to today, I’m still Sprat. Many might know me as “SpratFool”.
Creating this empire. popping off artists, throwing major events, mansion parties, working with some of your favorite brands and companies. It’s a crazy to be talking business with people I grew up on watching or hearing about.
Three things about you that nobody knows?
If you know me, you pretty much know whatever, lets leave it at that. I’m pretty blunt, I keep everything on the table. Certainly not the loudest one in the room.
Describe yourself with a music lyric
“Y’all could be the cause of me, no apologies, y’all feelin the force of me, no remorse for me, like there was no recourse for me”
I guess you can say that describes my current mood and not me in particular. People get mad at you for acting a certain way when the same people led you to become that way. I’m going to keep going no matter what, either you want to surf or not.
What is your music origins?
The jukebox my pops had that was filled with endless amounts of music and classics. As I got to middle school I was a fiend on KaZaA x Limewire haha. Always been one of a few kids you always went to for new music. Always was the one to be bumping something new in my whip.
I grew up on music, always listening to it. No one played instruments in my household though, nothing like that.
What is your daily routine?
I keep it pretty simple
Every morning I have to wash up, enjoy my coffee, blunt etc. During all of that I usually add more thoughts to my to do list, check my emails and socials. As for the rest of the day, you never know what I could be doing or where I’ll be at.
Define public relations in your own words
Everyone has there own definition. Public relations is exactly what it says, handling relations, handling how the artist, brand or company is publicly viewed and portrayed. With that being said, there is no limit to what a PR or Public Relations expert can do. Many master different niches within the craft, I myself am a PR Guru. A lot of people throw these names around very frequently but I’ve done PR to the highest levels on all aspects of the playing field. Whether it is blowing up an artist from the bottom, getting them deals straight off the music and PR. Handling artists mishaps throughout the years. Throwing major events, major media partnerships, major sponsorship partners, taking over the digital media lane and connecting artists/influencers to brands. I do it all, I get you to where you need to be. If you are under my PR, I speak up for you, from my vast audience, relations to the outlets and platforms I can get you on.
What is your opinion on the music industry? Any ways you think it can be improved? 
It is what it is. You are going to find foolery wherever you go in the world today. Grind hard enough so you can pick and choose what you want to do and avoid all the bull shit.
Tips for media rookies?
NETWORK! You don’t have to be at every club or industry mixer to network. Utilize what you have.
GROW YOUR WAVE (Something as simple as social media).
Social media is a “Game Shark”.
Top five favorite musicians of all time?
I don’t think I can cross all genres together and give you 5 artists, thats tough.
It kills me to even break down a top 5 in hip hop and leave out a Big Pun, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, Big L etc.
Hip Hop Top 5 (In no order) Pac, Biggie, Jay, Nas, Eminem
Top 7 favorite songs or albums?
Eminem Show, Get Rich Or Die Tryin, It’s Dark And Hell Is Hot, Capital Punishment, The Blueprint.
Tie between The Slim Shady LP x The Marshall Mathers LP
Tie between Tha Carter 2 x Tha Carter 3
Outkast had some crazy projects as well
Top five woman crush Wednesdays?
My girl got that spot.
Ariana Grande, Emily Ratajkowski, Sofia Vergara, Kylie Jenner, Jessica Alba, Margot Robbie we can figure something out.
Top five favorite artists you worked with?
What I’m most hype about right now is getting back into my artist bag and the new artists I am working with.
I’ve worked with a whole lot of artists from events, management, PR, and just connecting dots.
Personal artists I’ve worked with full on that I’ve enjoyed,
Neako x Fresh Moss x LVLYSL was a dope learning experience
Nikko Lafre and I had created something special for a minute
Lud Foe and I charted 3 projects
I was around Smooky Margielaa since he was at damn 10k on the gram
DDG and his team are some of the easiest to work with
DaBaby and his team have shown nothing but love
On the event side, I think having all these artists out before they blow up is an amazing feeling to. I really be on to most of these artists before the wave rises. Go to to check out the lineups and countless artists I’ve brought out.
Top five artists dead or alive you wish to work with?
50 Cent, Eminem, Pac, SpeakerKnockerz, Kanye West
Biggest influences in your life?
Both my parents. I couldn’t have learned better from anyone else.
Obviously certain others have influenced my inspiration or grind. Diddy was the man of the parties and created an empire, Lyor Cohen was a monster, Dame Dash was a savage. Wiz and Will run with Taylor Gang was the formula. I can go on and on, anyone who is out here grinding sheds energy.
Favorite places you done shows at?
Austin, Texas has shown nothing but love. Year in and year out. I love it everywhere though. Good energy is good energy.
Best career milestone?
My goal is to create this empire I’m building and to “Regulate”, I haven’t hit that mark quite yet
Still much more to go, especially before I narrow down a “best” career milestone. I really be hard on myself, I expect greatness. Anything before that time is a step to greatness.
Where do you see yourself in five years?
Life is good, life will be even more different this year…
5 years from now this empire will be certified. I’ve only been in the music industry for less than 5 years haha.
Any shout outs?
Any and everyone that shows love to my wave! You are appreciated!
Shouts to John for doing up this interview on me!
Final thoughts? 
I’m about to F**K 2019 up!
Where can we find you at? 
Everywhere. As of last week I’m glad to call Atlanta my new home.
As far as socials I’m @SpratFool on everything is the hub
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