“The Sweetest Joy” & “Domestic” by Juranamo Jones

The Sweetest Joy Series

presented by Juranamo Jones

Currently incarcerated in a federal prison since 2010. Former inspiring recording artist out of Northeast, DC. Founder of StrEAT Kingz Empire, which is the publishing company for “The Sweetest Joy” & “Domestic.”

Twitter: @JuranamoJones • Instagram: @JuranamoJones • Facebook: Juranamo Jones


Born and raised in poverty with a destiny to rise against all odds, Louis Bigsby, a boy from the streets of Washington, DC, grew into a family man with a plan trying to pull himself from a life of drug dealing in which he was bred upon. After serving a prison sentence in the feds, he met a friend who helped turn his small time business into a nice, lucrative hustle, something Louis didn’t want. During his prison term, Louis also inherited a beef which carried out into the streets of DC, and became the deciding factor in which direction his life would turn. Filled with a lot of twists and turns, deception and betrayal, this is a masterpiece story which seems oh-so-real, that it’ll have you flipping through pages curious to know what’s next.

“The Sweetest Joy”https://www.amazon.com/Sweetest-Joy-Juranamo-Jones/dp/1643703021/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=Juranamo+Jones&qid=1590515712&sr=8-1


Derrick Jones, born and raised in Washington, DC narrates how his life went from a hardworking, tax paying truck driver to a federal prisoner serving a 33 year prison sentence. His story is a conscience eye-opener, which highlights the everyday overlooked effects of Domestic Violence. This is a must read, page turning fiction Masterpiece.

“Domestic” –  https://www.amazon.com/Domestic-Sweetest-Joy-Juranamo-Jones/dp/1648718701/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=Juranamo+Jones&qid=1590515712&sr=8-2

Below is our Q&A for Music Artist. Please try to answer each question with 1-2 sentences:

Tell us about your book.

Both are guarantee page-turners. Both books are 100% fiction so stop asking lol…. “The Sweetest Joy” is an urban mystery more so about revenge. And “Domestic” is an urban mystery also, which highlights domestic violence.

Who inspired you to write a book?

Well I consider myself as an all around writer anyway. From music to books to whatever, I feel like I can do it. The art of writing has always been a therapy of mine. The book situation was just tagging along for the ride.

How would you describe the book in one word?


What is your creative process like in developing a book or anything for that matter?

When working on projects I usually write everything down that comes to my mind about the project. Then after I’m satisfied, I’ll make a timeline. Then start the next necessary phase.

Who would you most like to one day do business with?

Jeff Bezos

What is one message you would give to your supporters?

Cents is Common but Common Sense is Not! Take Heed!

What is the best advice you’ve been given?

N****z ain’t scared to die, they just scared to live…. #LIVE

What’s next for you?

Movies, books, and a bunch of entrepreneurial stuff. Lol

Any Shout Outs?

God! I appreciate the peace of mind!

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