“The Tri-State has plenty of emerging artists right now and TMac5200 is one of them”

Based out of  Philly, TMac5200 is making noise in the hip hop world. “I’m So Fly” was the first official single release from TMac5200 upcoming self-titled project which is creating a buzz across the Tri-State. The artist serves as a voice for the streets with his unique east coast flow as he looks to make a bigger name for himself in 2020. Be on the lookout as TMac5200 plans on hitting us with a highly anticipated Kevin Gates collaboration in the new year. Before TMac5200’s price goes up, we wanted to give you a chance to get to know the young Philly Artist.

Where did the name TMac5200 come from?

From my first name and going to parties as a youngin. I get the 5200 from my block to separate from all the fake a** Tmac’s

What’s a normal day in the life of TMac5200?

Well for the last month is just been working, the studio. If not just cooling with the guys

Big plans for the rest of 2019? Fill us in

Dropping the visual to I’m So Fly and some more heat but just really focus on pushing that realest and my next few singles

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Lol idk always hated that question but known in the music industry and using this as a stepping stone to be successful in something else

Can we expect a project anytime soon?

Hopefully depending on how these few singles pick up. I been thinking about a ep for being on the run or turning myself in real soon bc that’s what’s going on. I actually have a warrant for violating my probation bc of a new case

What style of hip hop do you think you portray?

More street than anything. Melodic street bangers from my pain

Stream his new single ‘Im So Fly’ here:

Social Media : 
Ig: @tmac.5200

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