Nowadays everyone has been investing in various products and businesses such as hair & skincare products, food trucks, and real estate, just to name a few. Well, Donte “Tru” Yerby & Matthew Johnson, two men from Baltimore, MD came together and created an authentic water brand entitled TRUTH Alkaline Water. The idea came after the two men thought of uniques ways to bring people together using a product. Yerby and Johnson stand on 4 pillars which are: community, education, engagement, and entrepreneurship.


“We don’t sell water, we rehabilitate the community.” – Donte “Tru” Yerby


Honestly speaking, who would ever think to invest in water, a source that all human beings need on a daily basis. I know you are probably thinking to yourself why to invest in water when we have over 50 different water brands you can purchase a bottle from.

I can give you 5 reasons why to purchase TRUTH Alkaline Water:

  1. When you purchase a bottle of TRUTH Alkaline Water, you are not only invested in the brand but you are investing in a whole community of people
  2. It’s water created FOR US, BY US! When I say US, I mean for the people in Baltimore & surrounding areas
  5. Did I mention that it is a black-owned business?



“We have been about to provide opportunities to the youth and to anyone looking for an opportunity. Especially people who are on athletic teams, they usually have fundraiser, instead of selling candy going outside of ourselves we can using ourselves” – Matthew Johnson


Within the last decade or so, many African-Americans across the nation have been realizing the importance of generational wealth and lately, it has a large surge of black-owned business has been created, especially during the pandemic.

This is my way of thinking if you can spend your black-owned dollars and purchase a variety of products and services from well-known or popular brands then you can use that same money/energy and invest in that same product or service from a black-owned business. We are in a position where the only people can get ourselves to the top and it starts with us.

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