TheDMVDaily Exclusives: Mikey Polo Is The Emo Child Of The DMV

Back in November I got to sit down with Trippie Redd’s new signee and a new friend I made up in New York by the name of Mikey Polo. With his own signature brand of harmonic sound, he introduces melodies with raw emotion, which is unique for today’s scene in hip hop. Normally, you hear degrading comments about women. Mikey Polo, refutes the trend, as he is in touch with his emotional side which describes his genre of music to be defined as “Emo Slime.”

Every song curated by the virant DMV native alludes to the different sides of emotions he feels throughout life. Being able to curate a sound which touches the ears and souls of his fans has led him to many great successes in recent years. So much that we chopped it up back in November before the eventual signing with Trippie Redd. A lover of anime, fashion, women, and foods, it was an enjoyable conversation which you can listen to below.


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