I encourage everybody to love and embrace themselves for who they indeed are no matter who approves or not. Especially my fellow women, we are healthy, beautiful, and play-makers! – Miss Kaniyah 

Hailing from Washington D.C., Miss Kaniyah is an artist of high-quality heels, beauty, bars, and lifestyle. Never conforming to the status quo, she always remained adamant about who she is as a person. Influenced by the likes of Beyonce’, and Missy Elliot, Kaniyah personifies ultra-creative with her stylish outfits, industrial feel with song selection and music videos, and wholesome motivation to be a role model for young women coming from the Washington D.C. Metropolitan region (DMV). 

Throughout the past couple of years, Miss Kaniyah has built a name for herself as one of the next upcoming artists from the DMV. Her flow is smooth, she’s stunning, and her fashion sense is unique. Everything seems to come easy to her. However, when I got the chance to speak to her about her come-up story and life, the resolve she has in overcoming obstacles spoke volumes to the work ethic she has. 

From being tested in the rougher neighborhoods of Northeast D.C., transferring from Morgan state to UDC, becoming homeless during her undergrad years and losing almost everything, becoming a nightlife worker to pay bills and fund he music career, and embracing womanhood make the journey of Miss Kaniyah a memorable one to recount. In a movie type fashion, Kaniyah showcases the gift of finding solutions in moments where it can seem hopeless.

To keep herself motivated during her struggles, she would continuously tell herself that “to think of where she wants to be at instead of where she is at.” Inspired by becoming a role model for girls and women to look up to in the DMV and worldwide, Kaniyah champions her trials and tribulations into wanting to be nothing but positive light for other people.

“I can’t wait until I’m at the level of stardom to where I can bring more women empowerment programs and mentor-ship to the DMV,” Kaniyah said. “Bringing something like that to where I’m from would be fulfilling a wish I had from a little girl. Growing up, I always wanted a place where I can vent and always be myself while having older sisters to look up to. My motivation to go after my dreams is fueled so much more by wanting a higher position for a higher purpose.”

That passion and grind lead the young emcee to take her craft on a whole another level. Everything Kaniyah touches has not only an industrial feel but her unique touch. Her tracks and visuals always match her heels, high quality, and standards. Miss Kaniyah’s recent video for single Invest featuring fellow DMV superstar Big Flock showcases her ability to separate herself from local artist trends by adding cinematic feel to it. Donning all black-gear, similar to the classic Janet Jackson videos, Invest is a visual statement from Kaniyah that she’s one of a kind and unlike any other artist from the DMV. 

Love It Or hate It, like the name of her latest project, Miss Kaniyah is here to stay and to grow! Maturity in content and quality is present throughout the EP. It’s a perfect culmination of emotions that any bossed up woman in their mid 20-30’s can relate to. As the polarizing title suggests, her day one fans will have to take a stand to decide if they will follow her journey into the next steps of her career. The project features other talented DMV artists like Big Flock, Lil Dude, and others. Containing her typical witty bars, raunchy punchlines, and soothing vocals combine for a full Miss Kaniyah experience. It recaps life journey the past couple of years effortlessly. 


“Looking back at the past couple years to where I’m at now, which all the press I have been receiving, I’m truly humbled and proud of my growth as a person,” Miss Kaniyah said. “However, I still got a long way to go! My story is nowhere close to being over yet. I got billboards to hit, runways to walk, magazine covers tog race, and moves to make, Miss Kaniyah is only starting up!” 

With the current COVID-19 epidemic going on worldwide, Miss Kaniyah is a bright spot in a year filled with turmoil. Much like her life, Kaniyah always finds the light at the end of the tunnel and embraces her sine onto a never-ending glow. I love to see her go up the ladder of life with each step, and I wish nothing but the best for her! Miss Kaniyah’s music is available on all platforms, and you can follow her on Instagram here

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