TheDMVDaily Interviews: Buzy Baker

Buzy Baker Makes Time For LivengoodLivin To Cook Up A Q/A!


J- Give us a quick bio about you

B- Buzy Baker is a radio personality, influencer, curator, and producer Known for hosting events in the greater Washington, DC area. In 2012 Baker joined the Towson University radio station there he produced a show called “LesBake radio show”. Baker interviewed A-list Celebrities on various topics that appealed to the urban culture. In August 2013, Baker interviewed his first artist on-camera rapper B.O.B. the interview went so well Baker was given an opportunity to work for Currently today, he has a show on Dash Radio weekly, conducting a new “Instagram Live Series”, host various events in the Washington, DC area. While having an influencer within the Hip-Hop culture.

J- Five things we don’t know?

B- Only child, I’m not African since everyone thinks that, won Prom King, Amerie called me a “Cutie” when I was younger, and I used to listen to alternative music from Green Day, Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, etc.

J- Define yourself with a lyric

B- I’m far from being god, but I work god damn hard.- Jay-Z


J- Where did your media name come from?

B- Funny, one of my friend’s at the time in High School started calling me “BAKER” since that’s my last name. Once that happened my teachers called me that and I ran with it. “Buzy Baker” came from an inspiration from Lil Wayne’s “Weezy F. Baby”. Don’t ask why but yeah.

J- Your media origin?

B- Radio, YouTube, Instagram.

Explain your daily process?

Always reaching out to labels, managers, or artists about possible interviews. Looking for more opportunities, seeing what events I have coming up. Always looking out for new music and artists as well as posting content on all my social media accounts talking about various topics. Last, I pray EVERYDAY!


J- What obstacles you had to overcame to get to where you’re at?

JB- ust being in school trying to pursue a career in entertainment when that wasn’t my plan was hard enough. You experience a lot of “NO’s” and I’ve been given some opportunities I passed up on while being in school. One big challenge was going through a DUI while in school and bouncing back from that has been one of the BIGGEST obstacles I’ve faced.

J- Who are your biggest influences in your career?

B- Diddy, Big Tigger, Donnie Simpson.

J- Favorite interviews?

B- Wiz Khalifa, Rae Sremmurd, Rico Love, Teyana Taylor, Asap Rocky, Asap Ferg.

J- Who do you wish to interview dead or alive?

B- Kehlani, Drake, Rihanna, Biggie, Aaliyah, & Kendrick Lamar.

J- What’s your current opinion on the entertainment industry?

B- It’s a tough industry to get into and staying consistent, I do know that.

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J- Ways to improve it?

B- Some of these companies and label want these artists to come fully packaged instead of developing them. Artist development is one improvement, oh and having more actually talent vs. the ones that’s “Popular”.

J- Top five favorite musicians of all time?

B- Biggie, Aaliyah, Erykah Badu, Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z.

J- Top five favorite albums of all time?

B- Country Grammar, Badizum, Reasonable Doubt, good kid m.A.A.D. City, Get rich or Die Tryin’.

J- What influence the DMV has had on your career?

B- Just growing up in a city with our own unique style from music and clothes that’s been a big influence. I would say having tough skin, being a city who jokes on others a lot you have to know how to manage that throughout your journey.

Lightshow was in the Bakery with Baker

J- Which brands or people you want to work with in the future?

B- Roc Nation, Hot 97, Power 105.1, a few clothing lines, and liquor companies as well. People any dope up and coming creative if it make sense.

J- Where do you see your career in five years?

B- Being an A&R, Managing an artist, on-air personality, still interviewing your favorite celebrities, and hosting different events. Plus more.

J- Any tips for media rookies?

B- If you can, get an internship somewhere and build them relationships DO THAT. I remember Thea Mitchem at Power 105.1 told me before its “different interns”. One that is just there to take pictures, and one that’s working hard building relationships. Don’t let the word “NO” stop you from accomplishing your goals. Everyone isn’t going to support you but remember this is YOUR path no one else.

J- Any shout outs?

B- Anyone who supported me from the Lesbake Radio, HotNewHipHop to now. I appreciate you. All my friends and group chats for holding me down. Last, God for keeping always being there for me GOOD & BAD times.

J- Any final thoughts?

B- Not really but for anyone who took the time out to read this. Much love.

J- Where can we find you on social media?

B- Buzybakerr- On Twitter, Buzybaker- On Instagram

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