Tiona Lawson Shares New Poem “Love Is Letting Go”

Love is letting go

When we speak of love, we speak of love that flatters. Storybook love where there is always a happy ending.

We identify love with butterflies and weddings but love is so much more. More than often love is not dressed up in red overflowing with hearts.

Love is complicated and unapologetic.

Love is action and sacrifice.

Love means holding back.

Love means saying no.

Love is letting go.

We hold on to things and people when they’re no good for us and we call it love.

Loving someone from a distance is just as real as loving them up close.

It’s okay to walk away from things and people that you love when they aren’t beneficial to your positive productive path.

Walking away does not mean that you don’t love them any less but that you value yourself and your journey a little more.

It’s not selfish to put your needs and your desires first especially when it strengthens your enter man.

Know that your absence will be devastating to them because they have become so dependent on you.

Just know when you detach expect to feel some pain but know that you are not longer responsible their process only yours.

It’s time to fully invest in you and your growth.

Love is discipline and direction.

Love is correction and comfort.

Don’t be scared of the love that constructs because that love pushes you it helps you grow and develop into who you are meant to be.

– By Tiona Lawson

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