So there has been a lot of debate about Snowfall and Power  and about which show is better for people to watch. Let’s begin with the basics and mechanics of each tv series.

Snowfall is a show on FX set during the infant stages of the crack cocaine epidemic. The story follows a group of people on a drug-fueled and violent collision to money, greed, and riches. Franklin Saint is a young drug dealer and street entrepreneur who is on a desperate journey for money and power. Season 2 followed the series and its characters just as they were entering 1984.

Power is a show on Starz that centers around James St. Patrick or Ghost, who is a wealthy New York club owner who has every man’s dream and ambition, but when he uses the alias “Ghost” he becomes a new person, more specifically a kingpin and tries to escape his criminal life, opting for a more favorable and acceptable lifestyle as a New York elite. 

Given that we have gotten both of those synopses out of the way, there are some stark similarities between the two shows. Both shows’ themes center around the idea of wealth, gain, and power. They have a lead character whose motivations are to get out of a precarious position and earn the respect of others around them. It’s almost as if each show is a carbon copy of itself, and while both characters, Franklin Saint and James St. Patrick, share many traits with each other, there are some differences.

To start, Franklin Saint is a younger man and less experienced in the game of crime than his counterpart James St. Patrick. Saint could easily be taken as an average joe working at a convenience store. Patrick starts out successful with his nightclub while Saint is struggling to make it into the industry. The biggest difference between the two shows is the timeline of where they both start and the motivations of each character. Saint wants to get in the dirty business and Patrick wants to get out. 

But what do you think? Are these shows too similar or are they plenty different? Which do you prefer?

Which show based off the first Season would you say was more eye catching to you?

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