Two Questions: Met Gala 2019


Two Questions: (Met Gala)

When it comes to the Met Gala we have 2 questions:

  1. ‘Where’s Beyoncé?’
  2. ‘Who Looked The Best?’

Fortunately, the second question always tends to be Rihanna, who did not bless us with her presence this year.  Word around town for Ri-Ri, is that she’s too busy winning with her Fenty beauty line.

As for Beyonce, the last time she was seen at the Met Gala was in 2016 where she wore latex Givenchy and walked the red carpet without the company of her partner, Jay Z, who’s last attendance was with ‘B in 2015 where she stole the show wearing Givenchy again.

For the 2019 Met Gala, without the presence of our Beauty Queen, Rihanna, choosing the best dressed was a hard decision.  The theme this year, ‘CAMP: Notes on Fashion,’ opened many doors for our fashion guru’s.  Getting to see the celebrity’s interpretation of the theme expressed through their unique style was most interesting. In 2017, Rihanna wore a piece by designer Rei Kawakubo that looked absolutely stunning, there were no doubts that Rihanna had officially ‘won’ the look of the year with her attire. Let’s not forget that Rihanna has been giving us life with her fashionable looks for quite some time now; her 2017 Coachella look inspired many. Sis is not new to this.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is where the 2019 Met Gala was held, but being in Washington, DC at the FGIDC’s (Fashion Group International of DC) Met Gala viewing party, was the next best place.   At this event, there was a panel of local stylists: Joy Kingsley of Kingsley Model & Talent, Lindsey Evans of Lindsey Evans Studio and The Artist Agency (@lindseyevansstudio) and Kelley Kirchberg of Divine Style who shared their opinions on who was best dressed as well as their personal definition of ‘CAMP’.

Lindsey Evans mentioned that CAMP ‘walks the fine line between tasteful and tacky’ and then made a joke about her outfit being a ‘Hooker Lite Vibe’, which she agreed fit the theme perfectly. Joy Kingsley described CAMP as ‘Obnoxious and Loud’ and also agreed with Lindsey’s interpretation.  The disco ball helmet she wore for the night fit that definition to a ‘T’.

While eliminating the bias of choosing my favorite celebrities, I have picked, in my personal opinion, the best and worst attire worn on the red carpet of the 2019 Met Gala.  My favorites consist of:

  • Naomi Campbell whose monochromatic look was quite impressive.  Her lilac attire by Valentino Couture was sexy, yet elegant.  She was able to pull off the lace stockings and the feather boa simultaneously without coming off tacky.  She nailed it!
  • Zendaya, wearing Tommy Hilfiger.  Her gown gave a fairy tale feel that lit up in blue lights and had life, literally!  Her dress moved!  The technicalities behind this creation were impressive. Toping her look off by leaving behind a glass slipper as she played Cinderella on the red carpet.
  • Kendall Jenner and her sister Kylie decided to pay homage to the classic comedy movie, White Chicks, 2004.  Instagram page, @vfiles helped us come to this realization. Kendall’s outfit, which happened to be my favorite, was made by Versace.  The combo these sisters decided to reenact was genius.
  • Alessia Cara’s shoes, which were Nike platform sneakers looking much like Air Force 1’s, grabbed the attention of many millennials with her black and white corresponding Giambattista Valli gown that I was not too fond of.
  • Tessa Thompson wore Chanel with her hair being her best asset.  She wore it in a high ponytail wrapped in, what seemed to be, a leather material with matching ‘hooker’ heels.
  • Regina Hall wore a Gucci x Dapper Dan piece that represented a bumble bee and its hive.  I loved the simplicity in this, although she still mastered the theme: CAMP.
  • Jared Leto wore Gucci while holding a head.  Yes a HEAD, that was…himself.  This look was indeed one of the top looks on the red carpet. Very CAMP – obnoxious.
  • Kerry Washington kept is simple, yet stylish in her CAMP attire by Tory Burch.
  • Janelle Monae decided to wear a custom Christian Siriano piece which contained an eye that was covering the left side of her, and wait for it…blinked !
  • Last, but certainly not least, Gabrielle Union-Wade and Dwayne Wade wearing Dundas blew us away with their matching attire.


Cardi B, I’d have to add to my ‘worst’ list.  As an artist, she has shown us all that with hard work and dedication you can be on top no matter how long you’ve been in the game, however, this outfit was not it.  Several complaints about her gown reminding others of their period were made, and I’d have to agree.  Cardi, you didn’t ‘OKUURRRT’ us with this one.

As for the others on my worst list:

  • Rita Ora, although she did look over the top and obnoxious, she never really gave me the ‘yet acceptable’ vibe.  I strongly disliked her entire fit, down to the hair.
  • Cara Delevingne wore Dior pairing with a Maxior necklace.  This choice of attire in my opinion was not a good one.  Her headpiece was very detailed containing bananas, dentures and much more, however I don’t think her outfit came together well.  Not one bit.
  • Michael Urie wore Christian Siriano.  Half of his face had makeup and hair as a woman, on this side of his body he wore a suit, while the other half of his face was presented as a man, and the corresponding side of his body wore a dress.  The presentation as a whole was quite messy and did not compliment him well.
  • Julianna Moore wore a Valentino dress that appeared to me as an aluminum garbage bag.  This type of gown was indeed out of the ordinary, yet complete trashy and not appealing to the eye.

All in all, I really enjoyed this years theme.  There were several looks that we appreciated, but I’m pretty sure we’re all just hoping Rihanna is in attendance of the 2020 Met Gala!


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