Simple and Easy Valentines Day Ideas

Top 7 things to do on Valentine’s day

Valentines day background with champagne and roses

1. Black Panther Movie Premiere Tickets: Even if you aren’t a superhero fan, you’ll love witnessing Marvel’s seeming change in direction by rising director Ryan Coogler.

2. Gift Cards: Listen carefully for the next 7 days and you may be able to put something a bit more personalized than prose in that cute card.

3. Dinner Date: Whether the idea is home cooked or a fanciful reservation for two, a little charm goes a long way. Pro Tip: If going the home cooked route, and your cooking skills aren’t top notch, setting the mood will get you an A for effort.

4. Dessert: Let’s talk crème brûlée, cheesecake, cupcakes and pie. Not so much red flavored lollipops, and chocolate assortments. Pro Tip: Homemade is super cute.

5. Date Ideas You Forgot About: Mini golf, Six Flags, King’s Dominion, Williamsburg, the beach, duckpin bowling, natty boh and cornhole, ice skating, grilling, regular bowling, couples pedicures or massages, hiking, fishing, and art galleries. Pro Tip: Get out of town or do something you haven’t done before. It’s been proven new or exciting experiences help to strengthen bonds.

6. Coupon Booklet: It’s a little bit of paperwork, but giving away some redeemable love can make the love last all year. Don’t forget to set the expiration dates for next year.

7. Sleep: Valentine’s Day is on Wednesday this year. Maybe you are super busy, maybe you both don’t feel like getting up and going out after school, or after work. Why not stay in bed, drink tea, look at memes, and take a nap. Pro Tip: If they need the sleep, let them have it.


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