War of words to a realization of unity

Yesterday made a month since the battle between Th3 Saga and B.Dot was released on the urltv.tv app. A four year feud that has boiled and has been left all on the line on the rooftop. Not only has the battle held up to its potential but it has made a staple in the battle rap community and sent waves throughout social media. Leaving fans begging for an exclusive release on YouTube. Before it’s initial VOD release it was already speculated to be a battle of the year. Although the basis of their feud are because of their view upon religious practices, with Th3 Saga representing a Christian belief and B.Dot representing the belief of Pan-Africanism. Although their battle wasn’t targeted so much to their beliefs it was a very powerful matchup as far as their content, especially during the second and third rounds of the bout. One that had very perfect timing as far as the climate to the current events of today. With everyone in attendance of the battle and or watching the battle in the comfort of their home a perfect ending to a battle and a long-lived rivalry. In other words, to watch the battle and or stay in tuned with the two lyricists subscribe to the urltv.tv app that cost 7.99 a month. Also, tune into the caffeine app this Saturday as they premiere NOME X live and for free as Th3 Saga makes his long awaited debut on a NOME stage. One that is well deserved.

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