Taken from the Commonwealth of Virginia Website

What Does the Future Look Like for Virginia

Jeannette Reyes with Fox 5 spoke with Governor Ralph Northam of Virginia to talk about what the future looks like for Virginia.

One year ago Governor Northam declared a state of emergency in Virginia for the outbreak of the Coronavirus. Just a year ago he was infected with Covid-19 and lost his sense of smell. He commends his staff for working together in keeping the community safe. Around this time was the first case and first death recorded. Today, he and his staff are taking precautions on staying safe and following state protocols. 

Virginia has experienced 590,000 cases of Coronavirus, 9,9902 deaths, a positivity rate of 5.5, and so far has vaccinated 916,275 people. They have three types of vaccinations including the Johnson & Johnson Janssen vaccine (JJ). By the end of May, Governor Northam is hoping that all adults will be vaccinated. They are currently working on a vaccine for children.

When asked about the allegations against Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York, Governor Northam supports the investigation, but is more focused on the citizens of Virginia and trying to get this pandemic behind them.  

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