Much Has been said about “The last Dance” and Michael Jordan is back in the headlines, with that being said let’s talk about certain aspects of the last two episodes of the documentary. Firstly, “In loving memory of Kobe Bryant” that hits me personally as viewer. Kobe’s death was personal and with everything going around in the world, I just could not help but think man what if? what else did Kobe have to offer? He was on the documentary in the starting minutes for about 32 seconds, but what he said and the respect between arguably the greatest basketball player’s ever is much to be admired and learned from. Michael Jordan is not your everyday homie, he is the “MICHAEL JORDAN” to Realize that the bond between the two of them was much more then what it seemed like is a beautiful sight to see. MJ doesn’t just get close with anybody, He has seen plethora of basketball player’s around him in his career and he has maintained his relationship with players as such and as much as needed. At the end of the day he wants to go back home as the most famous person walking the planet and a serious winner who is unfazed by all surrounding noise. His competitiveness and energy is intense and much beyond our thinking his motivation was literally flooring people who said he can’t do something, He would come back out of retirement after 3 years to beat his naysayer’s on center court, sorry Bryan Russell.

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Then comes Kobe Bryant, (love the way the episode starts with a throwback to the 1998 All-star game with Kobe walking in his Lakers’s Uniform) , What I am trying to signify here is that look at the walk, the style, the swag in Kobe’s walk he knows which camera’s are recording him at that moment, He rightly said when he first came into the league their were a lot of old guys and he was just getting established and obviously his mental is is take on his inspiration the greatest, he wants to prove a point in this ALL-star match up. MJ says“That little Laker boy’s gonna take everybody one-on-one…he don’t let the game come to him. He just go out there and take it….I’m going to make this a one-on-one,” Jordan said before the game. Mike does not say the usual for an instance he likes this guy to say he knows that Kobe is coming of with hunger to prove something, He had been there, At 19 years the youngest all star player ever Kobe  was here and I heard some reports say that Kobe actually pushed MJ to participate in the game despite having the flu, He would have let it go but Kobe did not only follow his Idols game pattern but he would act, talk and spit like MJ in his Rookie season and it was evident, MJ being MJ dished out and won the MVP ( This man is literally amazing I mean common the flu? and still want to beat an unproven rookie being the greatest of all time?) speaks volumes about Jordan  The thing About MJ was that he would test People and to the limit, Kobe admired him differently by challenging his idol’s mental. He had this urge to be the greatest and learn from the greatest, He wanted to learn as much as possible but not as a fan but as a true reflection to Jordan himself.


P.S ( I hope you are admiring the above picture as much as those great’s are admiring Kobe dunking) Kobe brought a never seen sight of MJ he is as private as it gets about his personal life ( how many of you know that the house that you see in the documentary is not Mike’s real house but rented because according to the director he does not want to share certain aspects of his life, Interesting) and he does not let his emotions show that easily,  who would have thought Kobe’s Idol would be the one giving the All Important speech in his unfortunate memorial which we as fans could have postponed for another Million years. life is tough, we will go through a lot of things that effects us as these are the people who make us fall in love with the sport, the one we look up-to, the ones want to be like but suddenly you hear they are no more, and life leaves you with the what ifs? To conclude, I want to shed light on Gigi’s birthday which was may 1st we know she is playing horse with Kobe in heaven, we will not mourn anymore but try to Enjoy the legacy left behind by Kobe and learn. His daughter was his greatest possession and he took her with him. Lot to talk about the last dance but This part was specifically Important because MJ was the heart of Kobe’s Memorial and it makes us fans happy to know that stone-cold MJ is only human and loves and shares his passion of the game with one’s who are worthy. Kobe forever.

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