White Woman Caught On Camera Vandalizing Statue Of Only Black Member Of Lewis And Clark Expidition

Video was captured of a white woman vandalizing the only black member of the Lewis & Clark Expedition, according to KGW. The video was obtained by a Portland, Oregon NBC-affiliate and shows an unidentified white woman using spray paint to deface the statue of York, which honors an enslaved member of the Lewis and Clark expedition.

In an obscenity-laced rant, the woman says that she is a victim of “prejudice against Black and Hispanic people,” and says that replacing the statue of a white man with a Black man is “not unity.” She also shared her personal information with a bystander who recorded the incident.

The statue of York, who was the first Black person to cross North America and reach the Pacific Coast, replaced a statue of Harvey Scott, who was the longtime editor and owner of the Oregonian newspaper, according to NBC-affiliate KGW.

Scott’s statue was toppled in October because of his past conservative views on women’s suffrage, which he opposed.

This is the second time within a few months that the statue has been vandalized.

Portland Parks & Recreation is already removing the paint and is estimating the cost of the damages, while Portland Police Department is investigating the case.

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