COVID 19 has forced us all to change our lives. Thousands of people lost jobs, lost their lives, and lost themselves mentally. That’s what this past weekend was all about. The month of May is “Mental Health Awareness Month”. The primary focus on some of the many troubles people deal with mentally such as anxiety, stress, trauma, depression, and more. We often hear about adults that deal with troubles but sometimes we forget that kids deal with a lot too. Sometimes kids deal with more than adults since a lot of things are completely out of their control. Redesigning Minds planned a great gaming event to help focus on the city’s mental state.



This past weekend Redesigning Minds hosted a fun therapeutic event for the boys and girls in Baltimore between the ages of  6-16. This event allowed these children to safely get out of the house after not being in the classroom and out of the house for a full year due to COVID. This therapeutic event granted these children the opportunity to have fun and interact with one another. Once YBS Skola and Stokey Cannady heard about the event that made it their duty to surprise the kids. Skola and his team worked heavily with Redesigning Minds Marketing Director, Karahn Alston to keep this a surprise. YBS Skola mentioned multiple times that he wants to focus on building up his community.


“It’s never for recognition, I know how hard it is growing up in a city like Baltimore, so I want to do what’s needed to help lives one by one. I know with my platform I can help more lives so every chance I get I want to be there for them”. Said YBS Skola



For those who are not familiar with the Baltimore culture. YBS Skola is signed to Meek Mill’s Dreamchasers label and is one of the hottest rappers that came out of Baltimore, since he has been out of jail he has been getting more involved with the community and took the time out to speak to the children. Stokey, who recently ran for City Mayor, works with ROC Nation, has his own distribution label, owner of the Stokey project, and Marketing Manager for ShoeCity. The father-son relationship is a rare success story that the community looks up to. They made it very clear to the community that aside from the negative comments portrayed over the city don’t effectively reflect on the reality. 

YBS Skola & Stokey left such a bright light on the kids who attended the event. We got the chance to speak with Karahn, marketing director about his experience with Redesigning Minds and his role in the community. He is very passionate about changing the narrative. He has a goal to create more opportunities and help with the mental health of others.


“This past weekend Redesigning Minds presented a free gaming truck event for kids designed to cope with stress. “We put this event together as a therapeutic day for both boys and girls. A lot of people forget that kids also need a mental day. So we wanted to provide a day that they can remember” – Karahn Alston



The founder of Redesigning Minds, Michael Wise, Jr. had the pleasure of networking with Karan Alston, who is a part of Redesigning Minds’ marketing team, and encouraged him to put this thoughtful event together. “Mr Wise, pours into me deeply. I’ve always had visions of helping others. Since I got a part of the team he helped me achieve all of the goals that I Had set for myself. Working with such a great team like Redesigning Minds who truly care about the kids is a great feeling. I give all thanks to Brandon, Destiny, Marcus, Mr. Wise Sr, Ms.. Lewis, Taylor, Cee-Cee, Ms. Kourtney, Dania, and the rest of the team. Because without them I may have never found my ultimate life purpose. Karahn went on to mention some of the other influencers that came out for the kids. New York Giants, Reggie White Jr. Truth Alkaline Water company CEO, Trú , SABN’s owner Bopp, Rapper/Producer Trizz Bangin, Georgetown’s DiDi, marketing moral, Jakerya Patton, and many others.

Baltimore is full of bright lights. Mental health is very serious and it’s great to focus on people even if they seem perfectly fine on the outside. Redesigning Minds takes pride in being a positive unbiased outlet that people can talk to. For adolescents and adults looking for a program that can help improve their mental health. Continue reading below. 

For more information about the Baltimore PRP program:

Redesigning Minds is a non-profit, comprehensive mental health organization based in Baltimore, Maryland. The program is designed to improve the mental development of adolescents and adults by providing them with therapy, counseling, and coaching services. Their main objective is to assist individuals suffering from any health, trauma or mental issues by hosting community events and worship to bring awareness to these issues.


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