Young Buck releases two diss tracks against 50 Cent in less than a week


Young Buck has taken aim at 50 Cent. The former G-Unit Rapper released two diss track against 50 Cent in less than a week. The way it is looking right now, the beef between these two doesn’t look like it is going to end anytime soon.

First Single: Foofy Freestyle


“This is not our first falling out, know how to handle it now/Banks gone, ain’t nobody there to settle it now/Them other niggas need verses from whoever around/Come on Foofy- this instagram shit done got goofy/ Let’s focus on them $2 million that nigga robbed me/ let’s talk about them bitches you burnt, them hoes chargin’/You know what I learned How not to be a father!”

Buck record the freestyle on an instrumental for Drake’s Pusha-T diss, “Duppy Freestyle”. On the track he also mentions how he how save 50 from an altercation with Floyd Mayweather and that he wrote the song “Too Rich” for 50.

The beef between the former group members has been on and off throughout the years. Young Buck was kicked out of G-Unit back in 2008, but the group reconciled in 2014 and released an EP that year and did a follow-up in 2015. Ever since things got soured again, 50 has been trolling on Buck online for allegedly having a relationship with a transgender woman and more.

Second Single: The Story of Foofy

Following his “Foofy Freestyle”, days later Young Buck released a second diss track for 50. “The Story of Foofy” employs the beat from Jay-Z’s 4:44 cut “The Story of O.J.” and this time he mentions more name including former G-Unit members


“Let Vivica come answer all this trivia/Bout different things she put into ya/Tell em ’bout beefin’ with Ma$e over Olivia/And why M.O.P. ante’d up and just got rid of ya!”

Both diss tracks has been copyrighted by G-Unit Records. Young Buck is looking to get out of his G-Unit contract but 50 wants him to pay up $300,00 before he does so.

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