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2024 Maryland Rent Increase Laws: Crucial Insights For Tenants



Facing eviction due to escalating costs in Baltimore, Sarah’s story mirrors the challenges many Maryland tenants endure amid rising rents. In 2023, Baltimore saw an 8.5% average rent hike, surpassing inflation. Here is some insight for navigating 2024’s rent landscape.

Lease Defense Strategies: Understand your lease to combat unforeseen hikes. Watch for clauses allowing automatic increases and favoring fixed rent for stability. Termination clauses triggered by unfair hikes offer negotiation leverage.

Notice Requirements: Maryland lacks state-mandated notice periods but aims for around 30 days. Exceptions apply to mobile home park tenants (60 days) and property tax-based increases (30 days post-assessment). Notices should detail the new rent, effective date, justification, and landlord contact.

Empowering Tenants: Know your rights. Combat illegal increases driven by retaliation, discrimination, or during the lease term. Communicate, mediate, and seek legal assistance from organizations like the Maryland Legal Aid Network or the Maryland Tenants Union.

Fostering Solidarity: Join tenant associations for collective negotiation and legislative advocacy. Knowledge, communication, and collaboration are vital for stable, affordable housing in Maryland.

Call to Action: Stay informed, use available resources, and engage in advocacy. By sharing experiences, demanding fair treatment, contributing to transparent rent increases, and preventing undue hardship for tenants.

– Baltimore City’s average rent increase in 2023: 8.5% (Apartment List)
– Maryland households spending over 30% on rent: 30.8% (National Low Income Housing Coalition)
– Legal aid organizations in Maryland: 50+ (Maryland Bar)

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