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Non-Profit Specialist Brandon Clayton Is Making A Huge Impact In The City Of Baltimore



Every single year Baltimore City gets a bad reputation due to high violence and crime. Hardly anybody barely hears or knows about the positive things that go in the inner-city part of Baltimore. The media mostly covers negative stories and the sports team instead of the good around Baltimore.

Brand Clayton of Young Successful Leaders quoted, “I was tired of hearing about all the negativity about my city so I committed myself that I would start putting in the groundwork to help change the narrative.” In 2018 to start his push in becoming the person he is today, he joined the Baltimore City Youth Commission and served as district 8 youth councilman.”

Brandon was born and raised in Baltimore, MD but does everything that he can for the neighborhood that he grew up in located on the West Side of Edmondson Village After graduating from Fredrick Douglas high school, Brandon immediately knew that he wanted to help his city by choosing to serve as a mentor, and a community leader, plus more.

His plan was to devise an organization that could create a platform for our young men and women to become successful. During that time while he was serving on the BCYC board, he then gave birth to Young Successful Leaders in 2020.


Their goal is to help increase the number of kids to make the Honor Roll, help them start their own businesses, get more youth into college, and most importantly teach people about Civic Engagement.

Brandon owes most of his success to the amazing team that he has behind him because they have helped make a huge impact on the organization’s long-term goals.

Also just being there to fully invest in helping guide the youth to become the next generation of successful leaders and entrepreneurs. YSL is proud to be partners with local Baltimore organizations such as T.Rowe Price Foundation, I Am Mentality, Truth Alkaline, and Tree House Project.

Since he started, he started his vision with wanting to do more on his end to create a better Baltimore, over the past few years Brandon has truly evolved into a heroic leader. Now he has been over all over the news, reaching more young people than he first started and making the real impact that envisioned.

Brandon Clayton is doing his part and diligence in creating a better future for our youth, so be sure to support him and his organizations. Not to mention YSL has community cleans up every Saturday and is always looking for volunteers.


If you are interested in learning how you can get involved contact him for more information. This upcoming October 29, Young Successful Leaders will be hosting its third Civic Engagement Voters workshop, click here to register.

Follow Brandon on IG @_yslbrandon. He recommends that you stay tuned with his journey in creating change for Baltimore. You can also follow YSL at @youngsuccessfulleaders and you can contact them via email at Be sure to check out their website to learn more

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