Here Are Our 8 Signs That A Woman is Into You

Signs She Wants You

8 Signs She Wants You

Signs She Wants You
Helga Was The First Girl I Ever Saw Want A Boy lol

Does anyone remember ‘Hey Arnold!’. The show was about 4th-grade kids living life and learning lessons while growing up together in the city. Watching this show the other day made me realize there are a lot of signs that are so obvious that guys miss when it comes to women.

One of the biggest ones they overlook or over analyze is that she has a crush on you and wants you. Helga was the perfect example of a girl who had a crush on a boy and he was pretty much oblivious.

Enough of the references to classic 90s cartoons though. Below I’ve come up with a personal list of my on that mentions various things a woman does when she is into you.

She Texts/Calls you First

A lot of women have pride and refuse to text first especially in the beginning stages. If she is texting you first and saying good morning and asking about your day chances are she is attracted to you. She has put her pride aside and is shooting her shot with you.

Don’t overthink it and just appreciate the fact that she is taking the time out her day to hit you up first. Men are usually the ones playing phone tag so enjoy this.

She Blushes Around You

Yeah, this might seem elementary to you but people still blush. Women will find it hard to look you in your eyes and laugh at a lot of things you say (even the corny shit.) If she can’t look you in the eyes don’t take it as disrespect or something negative she is literally trying to gather the courage, but you make her feel like a little kid and give her butterflies.

She Brings You Around Her Family/Friends

Now ask yourself this. Why would a girl bring a man around her family/friends that she does not like? Yes, it’s true some people don’t care and will introduce you to whoever without giving it a second thought. But to me in most cases, if she brings you around family and friends she wants people to know she is proud of you and likes you.

She is opening up her personal life and showing a side of you that not many see. She is showing you how she was raised, her values, her environment in which made her who she is today. Chances are she wants you to be apart and to show you that she accepts you.

She is All About Action

By action, I do not mean sex. I mean she follows through on what she says she is going to do. She makes time for you, she creates and initiates plans for y’all. She doesn’t wait on you to make a move and she means what she says.

You never have to worry about her standing up you or not giving you notice when she can’t make it. The action will speak for itself and it all has to do with her wanting you.

She is Consistent

Those phone calls and texts don’t stop. Those date nights don’t have long intervals. The validation isn’t just a one-time thing. Her affection for you is more than lust. The consistency she shows is most important. It is what helps keeps the flames going. She knows she can’t just have one foot in the door and another one out. She wants to show you what it feels like to have someone you can count on.

She Remembers Key Things About You

The important dates can already be in the calendar. The embarrassing moments are stored in her brain. The little details that no one notices about you are very obvious to her. She knows what you like to eat, your favorite shows, hobbies and who is important to you. She can match the names of your friends to their faces. She wants you to know she listens and remembers what you tell her.

Think about it a lot of people don’t give a damn about you or what you’ve been through. She does because she cares and likes you.

She Wants The Best For You

It’s one thing to support someone. But it’s another to want what’s best for you. As the woman in your presence, she makes it known that she cares for your dreams and aspirations. She wants you to know she is not only in your corner, but that she is willing to sacrifice the conveniences to her for the greater good for your life.

She Accepts Your Flaws

That little gut you have because you were missing the gym she doesn’t mind, your receding hairline is not pushing her away, and those late nights because of NBA 2k is all not enough to keep her away. She accepts you for you. She is willing to grow, work with you, and be there for you.

We all have our flaws, but she damn near loves yours. No one is perfect and she knows you not. It’s no pressure to be yourself and live life with her.


Now, this isn’t a for sure guide that she wants you because some women are nicer than others and show their affection in different ways. If she is showing at least 3-4 of these signs though your chances are pretty high that she wants you!!!!

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