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Get To Know Marty B And His Brand Last Man Standing Co.



Get To Know

Marty B

Father, Founder/Owner of LastManCompany – I’m Here To Tell My Story, I’m Just Like You. 

Social Media: @MartyBTakeover + @LastManStandingCompany

Website Link –

We Got To Ask Him Some Questions:

The DMV Daily: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Marty: I Needed Something I Could Stand On ,Something That Represented Me That Also Spoke For A lot People Like Me That Didn’t Have A Voice/Platform 

The DMV Daily: What was your mission at the outset?

Marty: To Be A Voice A Outlet For Those Who Can’t Speak Everyone has a story and everybody’s story is different you will never know the heights of adversity someone had to face on their path to greater purpose the process is necessary the reward is life changing so for those who are still fighting we’ll just proclaim you “The Last Man Standing” what’s your story 

The DMV Daily: What’s your personal and company goals?

Marty: Self Empowerment, Never Give Up On Ya Self Because “Your Story Made You ,Your Struggle Saved You.”

The DMV Daily: What is your creative process like?

Marty: As Far As Being A Artist And A Brand I Just Try To Go Off My Experiences And Expressions That Are True To Me At That Moment.

The DMV Daily: To what do you attribute your success?

Marty: God , Passion , Consistency And Staying True To What I Believe In.

The DMV Daily: What is one message you would give to aspiring business owners?

Marty: Gain As Much Information , Do What You Love And Help Somebody Along The Way.

The DMV Daily: What is the most useless talent you have?

Marty: Idk lol, I say sum fly shit from time to time 

The DMV Daily: What would you be doing right now, if it wasn’t for your business?

Marty: Full Time Dad!

The DMV Daily: What is the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into?

Marty: Really When Trying Figure Who I Was As A Young Kid Running The Streets Making Mistakes Are Apart Of Life But Going Jail And Prison Ain’t The Move Be Smart.

The DMV Daily: What is the best advice you’ve been given?

Marty: The Greats Make It Look Easy.

The DMV Daily: What’s next for you?

Marty: Progress And  Consistency New Music, New Content Thank You To Everybody That Gave Us A Opportunity.

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