Chicago Artist Noname Inspires Many With Her Book Club

With all the drama and attention on Twitter that artists Noname and J.Cole. were getting, it’s only right to promote something positive and informative.

The 28-year-old Chicago artist started her own book club. Knowledge is power and reading is fundamental. Teachers always told us this growing up in the schools. Wondering what the goal of this book club is? Read below for what she posted on the book club’s website.


Noname’s Book Club is an online/irl community dedicated to uplifting POC voices. We do this by highlighting two books each month written by authors of color. In addition to our social media presence we feel it is highly important to have free in-person meet ups to discuss the monthly picks in a safe and supportive environment. Currently we have 6 local chapters with plans for continuous growth.

In 2020 we also want to raise funds to send our monthly picks to select prisons in various cities. It is extremely important to us to share work we believe in with as many folks as possible, and none of this is done without hard work. In order to compensate staff, graphic designers, photographers, and facilitators who all help bring each meeting to life we need your help. With every subscription, we are one step closer to true sustainability.

The books for this month are:


Race Music: Black Cultures From Bebop to Hip-Hop – *Shakira’s Pick

Dr. Guthrie Ramsey

Blood In My Eye

George Jackson

Her book club has a few partners in the country. The nearest and only one for the DMV area is in Washington, D.C. Information for it is below. Join that now and remember learning is power!!!!

Sankofa Video Books & Cafe

2714 Georgia Ave NW
Washington, DC
(202) 234-4755

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