Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry Comes Forward With the Truth About What Happens Behind Palace Doors

Oprah Winfrey sat down with Duchess Meghan of Sussex and Prince Harry to talk about what happens behind palace doors and what made them decide to leave the royal life behind, amongst other shocking details.

At the end of March, Meghan and Prince Harry will be stepping away from the royal family. The number one reason behind their decision was a lack of support. 

When Meghan was pregnant with Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, there were conversations that he would be denied protection and his birthright to be called a prince.

“There were concerns and conversations about how dark his skin might be when he’s born,” says Meghan.

With rumors spreading and no one in the royal family coming forth with the truth, Meghan had thoughts of suicide. She tried seeking help but was denied entrance into an institution. She finally came forth to Harry about not wanting to be alive anymore.

“My biggest concern was history repeating itself,” says Prince Harry.

Prince Harry had to do what was right for his family. They are now settled in their Los Angeles home, raising chickens that Meghan rescued from a kill farm, starting their own company, Archewell, and their biggest surprise; welcoming their new baby girl to the family. They can now have their happily ever after.  

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