Listen to Lord Veli New Single “Big Trusss”

Baltimore rapper Lord Veli started his rap career professionally in January 2020 with the release of Big Truss, created around the in-town hype of the Baltimore Ravens and superstar MVP Lamar Jackson. Bringing a raw melodic lyrical style. His hometown celebrity grew as people took to the record after being liked and shared from a snippet the quarterback and fellow teammates shared and commented on social media. In March 2018, Lord Veli released a jacking for beats mixtape on Spinrilla titled “The Vaccination – Nobody Safe”.
After the passing of his father the night of his release he stepped away from his music career and focused on work and family. Fast forward to December 2019 after the birth of his son and living with his cousin Ryan which always pushed him to get back to music. He considered released singles “Big Truss”, “Vibes” and “Quarantine and Chill” 2020, and his sequel to his mixtape “The Vaccination 2” – Quarantine Season October 2020. Born Everett Wicks, Lord Veli grew up on the West Side of Baltimore born in Edmondson Village and raised in the Walbrook area he moved to Randallstown in middle school. The rapper/singer started issuing mixtapes through his collective Embassy Empire Label in March 2018.
His latest release was vaccination 2, in which he put all his music on at once, that way every song could get play. It has an old school 2010 feel such as a Lil Wayne no ceilings. The artist that inspired him to do music was Lil Wayne since those hot boy days, he has been turned up rapping about the streets,  watching all his documentaries, and in-studio videos learning what it took to be a superstar. Another was Eminem / Slim Shady for his crazy flow and explicit lyrics and Rick Ross for his size and swag just made me feel like a boss even on my most broke days
The music he typically creates is real-life situations or memories from childhood to teen days to my love life. Giving a deep emotional melodic sound. At times, he brings the East coast style to rap but has really fallen in love with harmonies. All his music is created at work, he finds beats on YouTube and let his heart connect. Writing at work allows him to not be distracted, it’s really the only place he has a free mind. The artist he wants to collaborate with today would be Lil Durk, Rod Wave, Kevin Gates, and Teyonna Taylor.
The one message he has for his fans is that it’s never over,  always invest in yourself, surround yourself with people going up, and be willing to accept the challenges life throws at you.
If it wasn’t for music he would be investing his own work money into real estate but at the moment he works 2 full-time jobs working anywhere from 80hours – 120hours a week. He has done a few showcases, I’ve done a few with World Famous Dj Torch from DC, who later became my manager.
Social media is impacting life as a whole. We live in a time now where 10 years ago (2010) people was hand to hand in the streets with CDs, flyers, networking now everything is digital u can see what this person does, what this person like an get your price of the pie far as building a brand to feed your family.
Lord Veli draws inspirations from Drake for his all-around marketability, RIP Nipsey Hussle his independence being a leader with a vision for his hood the once that never believe he could be somebody, 50 Cent is just a clever genius, Rick Ross a mastermind a Boosie he sees him as the neighborhood hustle always making a dollar great energy a will bet on his self at any time.
The best advice I’ve been given was by the late Elijah Cummings. I saw at the gas station in Baltimore and it was mean a group of coworkers heading to the royal farms and he looks at me and said “young man, neva let a comma be a period in your life” a till dis day I live by that nothing phases me anymore
If I could change anything bout the industry it would definitely be to the streaming platforms to increase the cost of a stream for real. You know in real people terms if I’m working 40hrs a week and I have this unbelievable talent I make a song post the video to YouTube why is it I have to get an unbelievable amount of views to get a thousand dollars or a couple of hundred dollars to make me feel like ok momma it’s real I can keep making content a help pay a bill or by my baby pampers. I know so many people get discouraged and quit have falling outs with a lover or family because we believe in something that the outside can’t see far as material results. So yea that’s would I would change.

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