The NBA has revealed a newly designed MVP trophy that is a tribute to the late Kobe Bryant career, honoring his legacy. The trophy has been revamped with the help of the artist Victor Solomon. Victor announced on his Instagram about the process and thanked the NBA for this opportunity saying “for the past few years, we’ve been quietly re-considering what a trophy is, what it can be, and how a symbol to represent the pinnacle of meritocratic competition, the totem after which a careers ambitions aspire, can celebrate a moment, tell a story, break aesthetic boundaries and exist within a cohesive ecosystem….”

In this carefully thought out trophy design; the four-tier trophy now tells a story. Starting at the bottom, the support of the trophy is an eight-sided base that represents Kobe’s jersey no. 8 which he wore for 11 seasons. 

The first tier has 24 stars to represent Kobe’s jersey number 24. The tier also stands 7 inches tall, representing Kobe being named the all-star MVP in the 2007 all-star game. The second tier has 10 stars across, paying homage to the jersey number Kobe wore playing on the USA basketball team. This second tier is also 9 inches tall representing Kobe Bryant’s being named the MVP all-star in 2009. The third level has 5 stars to represent Kobe’s 5 final NBA championships, with an 11-inch height representing his 2011 NBA all-star MVP award. The single star and last tier at the top represent Kobe, winning the MVP award in 2007-2008. The two-inch height is for him winning Bill Russell NBA finals MVP award in 2009 and 2010.


In Kobe’s career, he has won 5 NBA championships with the Lakers, 15-time member of the all-star team, and 18-time all-star who won MVP in 2008 and two-time NBA finals MVP.

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