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Dionne Milli Shares A Million Thoughts With LivengoodLivin


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IG – Dionne_Milli / Twitter – DionneMilli
Four things about you that make you unique?

I’m able to draw, create graphics, audio engineer, produce film content.

Define yourself with a famous movie line or music lyric

“Nobody built like you, you design yourself” – Jay Z.

Your media origin?

Age 13, 2007 I started a myspace page based around music. One of my childhood friend’s father had the software “Magix Music Maker”, I would go over their house and use that to create beats after numerous attempts I think heard of Soulja boy and his story along with his success. After learning more about Soulja boy it lead me to discover how powerful another software, FL studio would become.  I then downloaded FL studio, then moved on to other DAWs softwares Logic, Pro Tools, and others. We now have a studio about to open. Age 24.
What made you fall in love with the industry?
No love for the industry, it’s just business.
Biggest influences?
Every artist and brand that understands business which includes legends such as 50 cent, Jay Z, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates.
Favorite influencers and personalities to work with?

Jay Z.

Define the industry

Owning your artistry and producing your own content.

What do you think the industry needs to be improved in?

Black ownership! Urban innovators, who own their content and brand.

People you wish to work with?

Jay Z, a living legend!

Biggest accomplishments?

Taking photos of NAS at a Christmas event.

Long term goals?

Produce a classical album with a great body of production with artists!
Finally spell out your name with a word!
Dee-Yon / Dionne.

Check out some of his work below!


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