The DMV Daily Interviews: Krystian

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Three things we don’t know about you?

  Hmmmm well 1. My favorite animal is a turtle! They’re just so green and cute! Most importantly when it comes to the animal symbolism , turtles are a good example of determination, endurance, patience, and last but not least STRENGTH.
                       2. I LOVE eatin ribs .. I’m picky with the bbq sauce on it though. It has to be sweet and “tangy”. YUM!
                       3. I was captain of my cheer-leading team during my senior year!!!!!! #GoEagles #HPHS

Define you in five words

     1. Genuine 
     2. Sociable
     3. Confident 
     4. Supportive
     5. Loving  

Favorite pre studio traditions?

     NAP!! I have to nap before my studio sessions. I will literally plan my day just so I can make sure a nap is taken before it my studio time.  A cranky Sheneka wont make a good Krystian song.

Top five biggest musical influences?

      1. 2PAC
      2. Bob Marley
      3. Whitney Houston 
      4. Erykah Badu
      5. Lil Wayne

 Define the music industry.

         I’m not sure how to exactly “define” the music industry. I know a few people involved in the industry and depending on who i’m talking to, the responses would always be different. Personally, from the outside looking in, it seems like everyone is just “in it to win it”! Artist, producers, and record labels all want to be ON TOP so they’ll do whatever necessary to win.

Artists and media personalities you would like to work with more?

    SPIZZLEDOE .. Johnny Rocket .. HB the engineer .. Kayla(Shes such a dope song writer) .. Msanii ! -They all bring out this creative side of me and I can’t wait till I make more magic with them! #MuchLove

 Any Shout outs?

     My Mom who is my WORLD. My cousin Tyron who is my RIDE OR DIE. All my Girls.. I love y’all.. ITS LIT!!!!!, My brothers who I love to the moon and back, MY FAMILY = My support system!! , and Moee Flames!!!!!!

Name ten artists you want to work with.

      1. Rico nasty          6. Brent Faiyaz
      2. Masego              7. J. Cole
      3. Young Thug        8. Adele
      4. SZA                    9. H.E.R
      5. Manny Wellz      10. RUSS

 Spell out each letter in your name with a word.

            Refrain (hold back)
            Initiate (to start)

Meaning .. You cant hold yourself back to make someone else happy 

Social medias

  Instagram: S.Krystiann … ima big instagramer :’)
      Twitter: Shenekaaa
     Snapchat: Sheneka1234 .. I loveeeeee snapchat lol

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