The DMV Daily Interviews: Sequoia

The DMV Daily had the pleasure of speaking with Prince George’s County’s very own Rapper, Lyricist, & Producer Sequoia.  During our conversation, we had the chance to learn more about Sequoia not only as an artist but more on a personal level. Check out our exclusive Q&A down below and learn how he overcame obstacles that have molded him into the man he is today.

Q: Kevin Durant and Michael Beasley had an impact on you wanting to do something more positive with your life? Is that true?

Sequoia: yeah As a child I played on the DC blue Devils now its team takeover, So in AAU  I was able to see Michael Beasley (Who played on DC assault) and Kevin Durant(Who played on the DC blue devils), and I watched how people really supported them and they were just playing ball. and I knew from there that I had options.

Q: At one point you had three jobs and we’re still finding time to make music could you tell us what that was like?

Sequoia: Yeah so at one point I was working three different shifts because I couldn’t get a full-time job. All legal stuff and all my jobs were paying minimum wage so I would  just go from one job to another one and then sleep for like three hours a day and I had to write my music on my brakes or on my way to work

Q: What did the experience of getting a degree do for your creative process? How did that change you?

Sequoia: Really made me a lot more articulate and it gave me a different perspective than street culture. It changed me because it made me see it’s not always about the talent you have to accomplish what you want to do.

Q: Growing up without a mom now that’s not something you hear every day. Do you feel like that’s a part of what makes you stand out in your music?

Sequoia: Definitely, that’s a part  I mean it’s not a story that you hear every day. It was just me and my dad it’s a different type of vibe when it’s just you and your pops.

Q: I heard you meditate every day, how long do you meditate for how? How does that improve the creative process for you?

Sequoia: For sure I meditate every day like at least 30 to 45 minutes it just makes everything clear for me I start with one mediation in the morning. And I end the day with mediation. I definitely can say laying tracks down is a lot faster when my mind is clear

Q: You wrote a letter to yourself in high school of all the things you wanted to accomplish by 25 how does the list look now? Do you always write your goals down?

Sequoia: Yeah it’s really crazy, I had like 12 things written down and the only two I didn’t do was play pro sports and get 6 feet tall. I’ve definitely always make plans and then check to see how they’re going and adjust if I need to.

Q: So you’ve been making music since you were 10 years old and you just started putting music out? Why the wait?

Sequoia: Yeah so I really wasn’t even going to make music my plan was to Play pro sports or get into medical school. But I had got in so much trouble when I was going to school. I kinda messed all that up. I was trying to get a job at the county and after the third time of making it to the last interview I was like fuck this I’m about to rap.

Q: What’s the learning curve been like trying to learn everything yourself being an independent artist? Do you have any advice for others like yourself?

Sequoia: Definitely the learning curve is crazy but it’s worth it because when you own your stuff you get a bigger cut of the pay. But also you got to be ready in this game. It’s like going 12 rounds with Floyd Mayweather, you gotta prepare yourself to be great.

Q: You have a new single coming out in February and you drew the cover for it and everything right? What inspired the cover art?

Sequoia: That’s right I got a new single coming out called shoestrings is dropping in February! It’s going to be available on all streaming platforms. The cover art was inspired by bad relationships and having to protect yourself literally and metaphorically

Q: Who inspired you to make music?

Sequoia: Listening to all those New York artist my dad’s car when I was a kid the first one I member was Jay Z hard knock life

Q: How would you describe the music that you typically create?

Sequoia: It’s really different it just depends on the vibe sometimes I’m awesome consist stuff sometimes on my street Stuff

Q: What is your creative process like?

Sequoia: Get in the booth just freestyle and we take the best teaks

Q: Who would you most like to collaborate with?

Sequoia: Pusha T, Wale, GoldLink, Fat Trel. DMV artist mainly outside of that would be JAY-Z

Q: What is one message you would give to your fans?

Sequoia: Learn to Be self-sufficient in all areas of life

Q: What would you be doing right now, if it wasn’t for your music career?

Sequoia: Either be selling drugs or own a construction company

Q: Where have you performed?

Sequoia: Small venue so far just a couple pub/bar type joints

Q: How would you say Social Media has impacted your music career?

Sequoia: I think it’s helped a lot it’s easier to get access to people

Q: Which famous musician(s) do you admire?

Sequoia: Most DEF, Nas, JAY-Z, Jeezy, Big Pun, Big L,  Jadakiss the list goes on

Q: What is the best advice you’ve been given?

Sequoia: You’re tracking the energy you put out into the universe

Be on the look for Sequoia’s new project expected to release next month. In the meantime check out his latest single “Not From The District“. Follow him on Instagram @Sequoia_301

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