The DMV Daily Q&A Interview w/ Supe Dupe

Social Media Accounts:

Twitter: @supedupemusic
Instagram: @SupeDupe

Three things we don’t know about you?

1. I represent VA but ain’t move here until I was 14, I was born in DC

2. Im the only child

3. I’m finna take over with this music

Define yourself in five words


Favorite pre studio traditions?

My best music is when I’m come to the studio with my music already written and practiced a 100x. I like coming prepared.

Pre-performance traditions?

My pre performance traditions are drinking and other activities to have me turnt and not nervous. I’m one of the best performers, check all them show footages if you don’t believe me. My shows Always lit.

Top five biggest musical influences?

1. Wayne
2. DMX
3. Myself
4. My peers
5. Thug

In high school, how can you describe your senior year? What you remember happening the most?

My senior year was weird because I was locked up for most of it. I was in school for the last 3 months of it though. So I did get the walk the stage.

Artists and media personalities you like to work with more?

Artist wise I’ll like to work with whoever wanna work with me. Media personalities I wanna work with everybody.

Any Shout outs?

Shoutout to the whole SKUTTAWORLD R.I.P. My brudda Kevin White and Free Montana.

Name ten artists you want to work with.

1. Benny Finesse
2. Mongo
3. SmokeWithHutch
4. Loner Avenue
5. Jimmy $wank
6. Mugen
7. Okay Cozy
8. C-Y Muzik
9. Pari Blanco
10. Lenni Penthouse

Spell out each letter in your artist name with a word of your choosing.

S – special
U – universal
P – pretty
E – extraordinary

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