The Kittrell Brothers serve the city of Baltimore with major community giveback


When you think of Baltimore oftentimes people a lot of negative remarks but not much on the individuals who are impacting the community. One of being them being The Kittrell Brothers, two hardworking and successful entrepreneurs who transitioned into the business world after developed a hustler’s mindset from playing football. The Katrell Brothers operate several businesses including Kittrell Properties, a real estate group, and “The Paid Review”, where they educate people on how to trade in the stock market.


“As we make strides to better our lives we want to make it our duty to change the lives of others. It’s up to us to change the narrative for the culture here in Baltimore”. said Aaron Kittrell


Outside of conducting business, The Kittrell Brothers have a strong passion for helping others and giving back to the community. One of their main goals is to give back to their city and provide opportunities for others. In their hometown, the brothers hosted a massive giveback event where they went and fed over 400 people.  This giveback resulted in many smiling faces across the community.

“Giving back means a lot to us, we are truly grateful for being in the position that we are in life. Thinking back to times when life was not as easy is what humbles me and pushes me to help others because I understand what struggling can feel like” said Derrick Kittrell



About The Kittrell Brothers


Growing up The Kittrell Brothers were forced to hustle or find avenues to make money while chasing a dream. Dealing with common struggles as many people in the inner city, their mission is to create financial literacy within the black community. They are well-rounded young men who love helping people more than helping themselves.

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