Women’s History Month Spotlight: The Voice Of The Caribbeans Aka Marie Driven And Playbook MG

Marie “Driven” Theodore is a celebrity publicist that got her start in New York City, working for prominent music, fashion, and lifestyle labels. She has launched the Playbook Media Group headquartered in Brooklyn. As a managing partner, is the face of the company. From mainstream to niche categories, she manages a base of support and operations for clients through strategic relationship building.
Her roster of creative individuals and brands are not limited to music, noted project affiliations. That list includes Remy Ma, Papoose, celebrity stylist Kidear Youmans, Spice, Tara Wallace, Chef Patrick, Stevie J, Tony Sunshine, Future Fambo, Alexus Rose, Ricky Blaze, Peter Gunz, Wyclef Jean, Jr. Reid, Jennaske, Marian Hall (aka Lady Saw), Sting Jamaica, and Mr. Vegas. Marie has also helped islands with influencer marketing. She bridges the gap between Influencers and companies in the islands.

Full Name: Marie “Driven” Theodore

Company: Playbook Media Group

Title: Co-Founder / Managing Partner

Social media handle: @MarieDriven

Marie Goes One On One with LivengoodLivin

I’m Haitian and I’m proud baby! I would never ever want to be anybody else but that! – Marie Driven

JL: Marie, with many years of experience in the industry, how have you manage to survive and prosper in such a tough environment? 

MD: Well, to put it quite frank, growing up Haitian and in New York City made me grow tougher skin because I grew up different. Being a proud black Haitian woman prepared me for the grind and the hustle that being a celebrity publicist brings. You either give it your all or give up and best believe I give it all everyday to succeed!

JL: I see, I see. I also read some of your past interviews and noticed that you’re a people’s person. You’re a love of people, just wondering, where did that stem from? 

MD: People are everything. Especially being a publicist, are job is to connect people with opportunities to improve their lives. You got to care about people to boost their lives so I just applied my natural gifts of being a people’s person and showcase it fully. Life is too short to limit who you meet and who you hand out with so I’m open to experience every culture and religion possible.

JL: I like that, speaking of culture, you and your business partner Jean are Haitian. May you give background on the beauty of the Haitian culture? 

MD: The love I got for my homeland can not be spoken about with words but what I will say is that Haiti is forever in my heart and it’s one of my biggest motivations for Playbook Media Group. WE need to make it so that we can go back to our homeland and help break talent! Our platform specializes in break Caribbean talent and to put them on a mainstream level.

JL: Such a good heart, I love it. What’s one cause that you would that you would cater towards in Haiti to help the children? 

MD: Honestly, currently I would have to center down and research a specific cause because I wouldn’t want it to be cliche. The impact I want to make for the youth of Haiti is deeper than school supplies or food, I want to provide something that has always been missing and that I could back.

JL: This has been such a wonderful and personal conversation, I just feel the love from your soul. Any final thoughts? 

MD: Nothing much except for everyone to follow your dreams and to follow Playbook MG on social media. Tune in because we got big things in store for everyone!


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