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2022’s Roller Skating Revolution Heads to South Beach with DMV Culture and Arts



Miami Takeover LLC recently announced the 14th Annual Miami Takeover in Miami Beach, Florida to kick off on July 15th. Attendees will experience the unique mixture of music, nightlife, community service, and upscale events. Apart from being the primary hotspot of parties and social events over the weekend, the MTO experience also offers networking opportunities with thousands of socially conscious urban professionals and business owners. As visitors prepare to take flight with concerns about flight prices and cancellations, The Miami Takeover team puts one’s mind at ease with careful planning, responsive staff, and all-inclusive packages to make for an effortless travel experience.

Connecting on South Beach, The Miami Takeover invites visitors from the DMV and surrounding areas to experience a wide range of events from the Miami Nights All White Party, the 2nd annual MTO Golf Classic, the annual pop-up pool party, the community Beach sweep, Yacht Wars on the water, and the showstopper event, The Art of Go-Go Festival on Wheels. This unique weekend is one of a kind with an array of activities and upscale events for adventurous or laidback travelers


A major addition to the weekend is the Sk8te Takeover featuring All White and Bikini/Daisy Duke skate nights highlighted by The Art of Go-Go Festival on Wheels, a time to enjoy, reflect, and celebrate the rich history of Go-Go music. For more than four decades, Go-Go music has been the lifeblood of DC. As the soundtrack of the DMV, it’s been the vehicle for musicians and entrepreneurs from the area to showcase their talent and skills for the entire world to see.

2022 has seen an explosion in the popularity of roller skating events across the United States. Enthusiasts have kept the popularity of this pastime and its synchronized dances, camaraderie, and creativity alive for decades, and this event will honor the history and future of Roller Skating as well as celebrate the pillars of GoGo: art, music, and culture. Held at the legendary Super Wheels Miami skating rink, attendees will enjoy live musical performances by Black Alley, DCVybe Band, and Junkyard Band. Artfully fusing the DMV sound with skating rink classic hits will be long-time roller skater and DJ out of NY, DJ Dee, and Florida’s own, straight out of Tampa, legendary DJ Fanatic.






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