D.L. Hughley And Black Trump Supporter Angela Stanton Exchange Words After A Run-In At Dallas Airport

Earlier this morning, Black Trump supporter Angela Stanton allegedly ran up on Famous Actor & Comedian D.L. Hughley at a Dallas airport while he was trying to eat breakfast, and things went left from there.

Both the comedian and the politician had their own story about what happened.

Stanton, who is running for the U.S. House of Representatives (the late John L. Lewis’ seat to be exact), tweeted that she ran into Hughley at DFW (Dallas Fort Worth airport) and confronted him about his smack talking. Angela claimed D.L. “folded” like a “little punk” and that he called his security on her.

D.L. took to his I.G. account to explain that she approached him while he was eating breakfast, and she was not wearing a face mask.


“Don’t believe the HYPE! I was between flights, trying to eat my breakfast,” D.L. said. “@theangelastanton comes up WITHOUT A MASK, IN THE AIRPORT and starts a conversation. She asked me if I (thought) BLACK TRUMP SUPPORTERS were COONS because SHE’S BLACK and a TRUMP SUPPORTER…I said, ‘I you’re BLACK and a TRUMP SUPPORTER, YOU’RE DEFINITELY A COON.’”


D.L. explained that the situation escalated from there.

“The situation got louder and louder and my security did what they’re SUPPOSED to do, de-escalate the situation. I have security for the same reason you wear makeup, so people don’t see s**t get ugly! #TeamDL #dontbelievethehype #fakenews,” he wrote.



Angela maintained that D.L. was lying about the situation and explained she confronted him because she’s felt disrespected by him on social media and even shamelessly plugged her campaign for Congress in the process.

D.L. responded by sharing a series of her mug shots, giving her a lengthy read in the caption.


“Real talk, the ONLY reason those RIGHT WING POLITICIANS even mess with her is because she says s**t to BLACK folks THEY WISH THEY COULD SAY and NOT be called a racist!!” SWIPE below to see the whole exchange.


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